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Endorsement: Steve Negron is a True Leader

steve negron

“I have served my country as a U.S. Marine for over 22 years of Honorable service, Desert Storm Veteran and a legislator for 13 years. I was the President’s National Veterans Co-Chair, traveling around the country speaking on behalf of Candidate Trump.

Recently, I was asked to be NH Co-Chair for President Trump’s 2020 election. I served with fellow Veteran Steve Negron, in the State House, where I’ve seen he has a Can-Do Attitude and is a man of integrity, who fought for his district. He’s a man who believes in public service, one who believes that less spending means less taxes.

Steve was always there with us fighting on economic issues and Veterans issues to help New Hampshire maintain our NH Advantage. Yes, he was there fighting to ensure that we did not pass any new taxes and that the budget was balanced.

In working with Steve, I have seen 1st hand, that he is a true leader, a man who will look you in the eye and tell you like it is. Without any reservations, I am endorsing my friend, Retired Air Force Officer and former State Rep Steve Negron to be our next Congressman for CD2. ”

Al Baldasaro
State Representative
Republican Floor Leader
Ranking Member