Nashua BOE Votes to Approve JROTC Marksmanship Training - Granite Grok

Nashua BOE Votes to Approve JROTC Marksmanship Training

JROTC Air rifle competitors

This appears to be a big win for Board members Doris Hohensee and Howard Coffman. The Nashua Board of Education has voted unanimously to approve a School Sponsored JROTC Marksmanship program.

Doris Hohensee shared the news last night at the NH Families for Education Facebook page.

The Nashua Board of Education voted to approve our JROTC Marksmanship program to operate at the Horse Pond Fish and Game Club tonight.

The Horse Pond Fish and Game Club will allow the JROTC marksmanship program to operate at their club without cost, for which the board is very grateful.

The Nashua JROTC program is being operated under our CTE program which means students from school districts across the region will be allowed to participate.

The first JROTC vote approved a program behind Nashua North High School. That resulted in a series of amusing distractions and an all-out effort by the board and SAU to railroad Hohensee into resigning.

We dropped a ton of ink on the story and took it to the detractors and the districts front door.

We began asking questions about censorship and pointing out how the Board probably violated federal law. Shared formal rebuttals the board refused to publish on the same terms as their call for Hohensee’s resignation.

We even pointed out that a dedicated Nashua Democrat activist was the first person to publicly share the name of a student organizing a protest against holding practice on school grounds. An 18-year old, voting-age, adult student who never tried to hide their identity nor had any legal reason to do so.

We also Documented some things that may prove useful when re-election time rolls around.

Things had quieted down a bit in the Gate City since then, (at least concerning the BOE). But the District leadership is still a train wreck Nashua needs to clean up regardless of this is encouraging news.

Yes, the practice is off-site. But given that we had professors comparing JROTC students to Hitler-Youth and board members all nervous about scary guns (these are air rifles), we have to call this a win.