Human Health Is Being Destroyed by Big Pharma. - Granite Grok

Human Health Is Being Destroyed by Big Pharma.

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Ya know, silly question here from a girl that worked in a nursing home for 10 years and watched the flu every year literally move from room to room down the hallway.

Who has decided that “Skyrocketing Cases” is not normal?

Have we all lost our minds?

The flu, colds, allergies, it ALL moves across the country in waves every single year- but in the past, no one was paying attention or measuring this stuff.

The masses were not getting swabs jammed into their skull to tell us what we all already knew- no one cared. Should we test to see if the water is wet?

Incidentally, we are really looking at Rinse and Repeat here.

There are MANY tests now that people get which are now controversial, such as the PSA test for men, that are leading to the *overtreatment* of things that we may have been just fine not knowing.

This raises the question: “Just because we can, should we?” This is just what is happening with this covid scam – this is now just another overdone test overtreatment because it’s a moneymaker.

Human health is being destroyed by Big Pharma.

Who is paying attention to this aspect of things?

Last I knew there were 23 strains of Coronavirus and they were all brand new at one point. No one cared until they decided to just “data mine” us with tests looking for things to cure for profit- at the expense of our good health.

You can look at anything under a microscope and decide an answer is needed- but is it?

Where does it end?

This scamdemic is a Government Jobs program– their version of “Capitalism” AND it’s all in bed with Big Pharma.

Where are my Opt-Out papers?