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Who Out There Thought There Would Be an End to the Jabs?

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Who out there thought there would be an end to the jabs? If you did, think again. New Zealand says “no endpoint.” Israel says seven shots may be needed. And Pfizer says ‘3 shots for Omnicron’.

And the pressure to comply is ever increasing. Singapore has now revoked health insurance for the unjabbed and partially unjabbed.

While in Germany, the Health Minister has increased the payments to doctors per jab – adding thousands of tax-payer monies to their piggy banks. And speaking of animals, veterinarians in Germany can now give The Jab™ to people as well.

But what if you are jabbed? Even if you are jabbed or have negative test results, it may not satisfy officials in Canada who seem to change their minds without telling anyone, especially their citizenry. And speaking of testing, were you aware that the PCR test was never meant to diagnose disease?

And back here at home on the knowledge front, a Harvard University found increases in COVID-19 are unrelated to vaccination levels across 68 countries and 2947 counties in the United States.

Over at the University of Nebraska – Lincoln, students rallied against a C19 tracking app that barred students from buildings and won. Meanwhile, things are not so rosy at UPenn, where their newest ‘female’ swimmer has been causing waves of controversies, nor in Los Angeles, where 34,000 students have been banned from in-person learning.

Oh, and if you missed it, pro-sanctuary police chief, Chris Magnus, has been confirmed as the next head of Customs and Border Patrol.

And speaking of learning, the Second Pathology Conference held by the Reutlingen Team in Berlin, Germany, discussed the many post-mortem findings, including accelerated cancer growths, in jabbed individuals.

On Lifesite, Dr. Paul Casey debunks the lie that all medicines were tested on fetal cell lines, adding support for those whose exemptions may have been denied.

In England, the latest gov’t data confirms that since August 2021, the fully jabbed account for 4 out of 5 COVID19 deaths.

The Doctors for Covid Ethics, in association with UK Column, presented their second symposium (video), “Sounding the Call,” Expert talks and panel discussions on the current medical and legal landscape of the Covid narrative.

Turning to the lighter side of things, TIME magazine named Simone Biles’ Athlete of the Year’ for quitting the Olympics, while Google will sing you its very own vaccination song upon request.

It makes the heart glow.

-The Grumpy Observer