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From Under a Colorado Rock

2020 Candidate, Corky Messner

Well, it seems that the Corky Messner has been sniffing around NH again, having recently crawled out from under his Colorado Rock.

Apparently, he wants to hook up with his old NH bubbas – sorry, I meant losers, and figure out who will go after Maggie Hasson’s seat in the US Senate. I don’t know about you folks, but I have no interest in him being in our State and wasting our NH oxygen!

Corky Messner needs to go away! He is an interloper and lawyer from Colorado (what a bad combo that is!) and should have gotten the hint to stay out of NH the last time he was here.

I’m still good with Donald Trump, but still cannot believe that he (Trump) and Cory Lewandowski endorsed Messner to run against Jeanne Shaheen when the Trump 2020 endorsement should have gone to Don Bolduc!

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We all need to wake up! Don Bolduc must be our next Senator to replace the Horrible Hassan in 2022.

Corky has no business in this State! He didn’t the last time and certainly does not this time. He needs to crawl back under the Colorado rock from which he came.

R. Anderson