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State School Board Approves Charter for Lionheart Classical Academy

Lionheart Classical Academy

New Hampshire’s State Board of Education today voted to approve a State Charter for Lionheart Classical Academy Chartered Public School. The academy, scheduled to open in September 2022 in Peterborough, will be a new chartered public school initially offering a tuition-free classical education for grades kindergarten through 5.

Barry Tanner, Chairman of the new school’s founding Board of Trustees:


“We are both delighted and gratified that the State Board of Education has endorsed Lionheart Classical Academy’s application to become the first chartered public school in New England offering a classical education.  Approval of our academy’s State Charter marks the successful culmination of many months of diligent work by our Board members and school leadership.”


Lionheart Classical Academy will focus on delivering to its students a classical curriculum developed by Hillsdale College that is founded in the liberal arts and sciences, focusing on core elements including science, mathematics, literature, and history. The school has made plans to expand its operations over the next several years to serve kindergarten through grade 12. One of the school’s principal goals is to help its students become well-rounded individuals who are fully prepared for further academic or career pursuits.

Kerry Bedard, Executive Director of the new school:


“Lionheart Classical Academy will provide families in the Monadnock Region and beyond with a classical chartered public school to augment other educational options available to their children. Because our school is a chartered public school, families will be able to choose to send their children without any additional financial burden,” she added. “We believe that every family in New Hampshire benefits from this expansion of educational choice.”


Next up on the new school’s docket will be acceptance of both student registrations (opening immediately and continuing through March 2022) and employment applications for school faculty and staff. At the same time, the academy’s facilities at 10 Sharon Road in Peterborough will be fitted up in preparation for the school’s opening in September 2022.

“Lionheart Classical Academy will reach out to area families through a variety of media and community organizations to ensure that every family in the region is made aware of our school and what it offers students,” remarked Tanner. “We want interested families to have an opportunity to decide for themselves whether what our school offers is right for their children.”

For more information about Lionheart Classical Academy or to schedule a meeting with staff, interested parties should visit the new school’s website at

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November 10, 2021
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