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Non-compliance with Vax Mandate Protects Us Now and in the Future

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Today is the deadline in New York City for municipal workers to take the jab or face unpaid suspension. Enforcing a medical mandate for a treatment whose short-term side effects are known to be injurious and fatal to some and whose long-term effects are unknown is inhumane, both to the workers facing suspension and to the residents they serve.

Here in New Hampshire, evidence of the national labor shortage is everywhere. “Hiring” signs are ubiquitous, and I’ve talked with workers burnt out from all the extra hours they’ve endured.

Employers say they don’t have enough staff and have to turn customers away at times.

Hospitals are diverting patients to other facilities because they don’t have enough nurses to care for them, as it is. New Hampshire hospitals cannot afford to lose more workers forced to choose between their livelihood and getting an experimental jab.

The federal vaccine mandate is reaching this state through Medicare and Medicaid reimbursements, among other strategies, which depend on compliance with rules set by The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services.

Taking a step back, it’s not hard to see where this is all headed. While many people may have to do without medical attention, much as they did during the 2020 shutdown, a lack of adequate emergency service personnel would also give the federal government an excuse to send in troops.

Firing qualified, experienced and trained medical, firefighting, ambulance and law enforcement workers can only lead to one thing: a police state.

That means curfews and armed guardsmen patrolling streets in big cities. And in less densely populated areas, folks could see long travel distances for services if we do not halt this dangerous course.

Already supply chains for goods are in doubt, many due to the chaos wreaked by responses to the so-called “pandemic.” I say so-called because the pattern of death does not fit the criteria for a pandemic, as established by the medical community before 2020.

All of this is diverting the public’s attention and, if services and goods are not readily available, the focus will shift entirely to supplying one’s basic needs. When there’s no time for anything but survival, who will maintain checks on government?

The time to halt this disturbing trend is now.

It’s clear that the shot does not prevent the spread of the coronavirus, nor does it prevent serious illness. Breakthrough cases are largely unreported in mainstream media, and when they are, they are downplayed. So read between the lines, do more research, and draw your own conclusions. It’s your body, your choice.

So, how will the mandate to vax serve we, the people? The answer is it doesn’t.

Several states are suing the Biden Administration over vaccine mandates, New Hampshire announcing it is officially joining the suit this week. Indeed, lawsuits demanding a stop to the mandate abound from all sectors of the country. So far, many of them have failed.

The purposefully contrived division between the vaxxed and non-vaxxed will not serve any of us. It’s time to wake up, unite, and recognize the real enemy – federal overreach and the pharmaceutical companies that control them.

Every citizen in this country has a duty to refuse compliance with this mandate, regardless of whether you got The Jab or not.

Think of the precedent it will set if we don’t.


Priscilla Morrill worked in journalism in the Monadnock region for 12 years.