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Panning the Pandemic 

How Deadly is Covid?

Shortly after World War II ended, every member of my New Hampshire family became aware of the threat posed by communism within the borders of two former allies: China and Russia.

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Most New Hampshire people I knew considered the Russians and the Chinese to be our friends and expected that they would become no more than energetic rivals in a friendly economic competition.

But history preserves a stern truth. In less than a decade we were deep in a military confrontation with the communists; a confrontation that had us building shelters, upgrading our bombs, stockpiling missiles, and hardening every aspect of our national defense.

Because I was in the U.S. Navy during the 1950s and 60s, I learned that the most dangerous weapons created during those times were rarely mentioned in news media. Yes, chemical and atomic weapons gained wide publicity, but biological weapons did not.

Today, bio-disease has been successfully weaponized and can be delivered by numerous means: through human contact, foods, animals, and via munitions of numerous types.

We now understand that one virus born in a communist Chinese laboratory, deliberately weaponize or not, escaped into the world. Once loose, it killed thousands, crippled small businesses, and imprisoned Americans in their homes. Because the virus is a true danger, we, as a people are wise to take precautions to avoid exposure.   But the real damage was not the result of a new virus.   Restrictions on individual freedoms was the real disease. Local and state governments followed the federal guidelines and became intoxicated with a new found power to control their citizens.  Gatherings in churches, gyms, restaurants, and small businesses were forbidden.  Schools were closed.  One could do little more than go out to gather food and medicine while remaining masked and practicing social distancing..

Anthony Fauci, MD, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, is a man with an opinion on all matters touching on the subject of pandemics.  He has provided guidance to our presidents for many years and continues to voice his opinions today.  In January of last year, Fauci voiced an opinion that the virus pouring out of communist China was “not a serious threat to America.”  He would later change his tone and continue spouting advise which his political partners converted to power.  He demanded that Americans wear masks even after having received vaccines, and he imposed his fake science into Second Amendment discussions. Yet, all the while, he expressed no concern for the threat created by a steady swarm of sick people bursting through our southern border This represents an unholy marriage of science and politics; a marriage that exposes the uselessness of the former and the arrogance of the latter.

George Edmunds

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