As Lockdown Lingers, Legislators' Frustrations Begin to Mount - via NHJournal - Granite Grok

As Lockdown Lingers, Legislators’ Frustrations Begin to Mount – via NHJournal

Via NHJournal – by Christopher Maidment

As Gov. Chris Sununu’s business lockdown approaches Day 50, the state legislature also remains closed for business. While Republican Gov. Sununu has been receiving high marks in polls for his handling of the crisis, Republican legislators are frustrated they’re being left out of the process.

Unlike the business sector, the legislative bodies shut themselves down. And some members are beginning to complain.

Rep. Jess Edwards (R-Auburn) says the N.H. House under the leadership of Speaker Steve Shurtleff is failing to uphold its constitutional role.

The House leadership rushed through a new rule allowing it to close the House without the time to consider the rule fully. Once shut, the members have no authority to initiate reconvening; they have essentially declared themselves “non-essential.”

“The Speaker has closed the legislature and legislative services,” he said. “I cannot have a bill drafted. Under RSA 4:45, the legislature may terminate a state of emergency by concurrent resolution. In a Catch-22, we can’t even get a vote on where we stand. As the people’s representatives, we are shut out.”…

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