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Totalitarianism on Display

Totalitarianism on Display

The Democrat Majority in the New Hampshire House of Representatives has put totalitarianism on display for all to see. Thankfully, they’re only able to show it in the small body of 400. We have a firewall in between their desire for total control and the general populace.

Hopefully they’ve also shown the Republican caucus, who can vote with the totalitarians in good faith sometimes, how those votes will be used against them in short order.

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As a recap – the Democrat majority (with the exception of 4 brave dissenters) banned firearms from House chambers, the gallery, and the anteroom. What did this accomplish?

Nothing, of course. I have a strong hunch that many Republicans still carry their concealed firearms in House chamber. Maybe the Speaker will see fit to start the pat downs – and then issue “reprimands” on the violators. Heck, I bet most of the Republicans who violate this House Rule would willfully own up to it and save the Speaker the trouble of a personal airport style search.

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The Democrat majority caucus does not care about the 2nd amendment rights of legislators, and it has continued to prove repeatedly that it doesn’t care about the 2nd amendment rights of their voters. The difference? There is a firewall in Governor Sununu that stops them from forcing their totalitarian control on you.

House Rule 63 also banned ‘audio and visual recording devices’ from being used on the House Floor. How many representatives use their cell phones in plain sight of the Speaker without reprimand?

House Rule 67

The Democrat majority also passed House Rule 67 — with the help of many Republicans. House Rule 67 mandated that all Representatives attend sexual harassment (prevention) training.

67. All legislators, legislative officers, 
and legislative staff shall attend in-person
 education and training regarding sexual 
and other unlawful harassment and discrimination.

68 Republicans joined 216 Democrats to pass this rule. Only 6 Democrats opposed the change, while 85 Republicans opposed it.

Do the 68 Republicans who voted for the rule regret it yet? The petty tyranny we saw from the Democrat majority yesterday should serve as a warning to all members.

The rule mandates participation in a re-education program. Most of the duly elected Representatives complied with the rule that the House has no constitutional authority to enforce aside from chastising or reprimanding members. 11 did not, all Republicans.

I’ll leave the details of yesterday’s proceedings to others, as there are GraniteGrok writers who are members of the House – and I sense multiple posts will be coming forth in short order. Suffice it to say it was a disgusting circus. The Democratic majority beclowned themselves and brought shame upon the honorific House of Representatives of New Hampshire.

Petty Tyranny

Sexual and other forms of harassment are wrong. There’s no doubt or debate about that.

Mandatory re-education camps are worse, especially when you don’t have the authority under the constitution to require such re-education. They also set a very dangerous precedent.

For the 68 Republicans who voted for this petty tyranny, let this be a lesson.

When you vote with totalitarians to force your colleagues to attend a training that you see necessary, it will be turned on you (or your party.) That was on full display yesterday. The House delved into Kangaroo Court proceedings for over four hours, and members who did not comply were ‘held to pay.’

I encourage the 68 Republicans who did vote for the mandatory training to remember this moment. You lent credence to an unconstitutional rule and therefore lent credence to the proceedings yesterday. Your voice in support of the petty tyranny was used as justification for the witch hunt.

Any rule, or law, even passed in good faith can and will be used against you eventually. Take heed. The tyrants are coming for the general populace next.