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KY ‘Red Flag Law’ Protest Triggers Liberal Media

KY 2A Red Flag Rally

“How many ‘Red Flags’ Do You See in These Photos from Kentucky Gun Owners Swarming the Capitol?” is the headline from Yahoo! News, who shared an Equire post about the protests in Frankfurt on Friday. One thing is certain, the protestors that gathered to oppose a Red Flag Law in KY certainly triggered the liberal media.

“It’s hard to wrap your head around how a group of masked men and women strapped with death machines is an effective way to combat the stigma surrounding gun owners, but here we are.” quips the editors.

These “death machines” are protected by the Constitution, and for very good reason of course. You all know that, and rehashing it would be preaching to the choir. The liberal media, and the leftists who propose these unconstitutional gun grabs will probably never understand that, even though they themselves have from time to time suggested armed rebellion against the ‘tyrannical’ Trump administration.

To them, engaged citizens protesting to defend the Constitution is detestable. Or should I say deplorable? They truly despise everything these protestors stand for: freedom, liberty, the Constitution, etc. Heaven forbid you’re also white, cisgendered, straight, male, and Christian.

It seems they’ll never understand why Trump was elected. On Nov 3, 2020 – if Trump is to win re-election – they may truly go insane (if they’re not their already.) The long faces and tears we saw after 2016 will pale in comparison. The unrest in blue cities will be destructive. And none of the liberal media, warmly snuggled in their elitist bastions of liberalism, will understand why it happened, again.

Ask Don Lemon – he perfectly encapsulates the liberal mainstream media’s feelings towards those “gun-toting, bible thumping” folks who vote Republican in his segment on CNN where he hysterically laughs at a joke demeaning Trump supporters. You can watch that, again, here.

As for me, I didn’t see any ‘Red Flags’ in the photos of the protest. But, as someone on Facebook accurately pointed out – I saw plenty of red, white, and blue ones.