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Road Usage Fee – an ‘Un’Gas Tax

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For decades we have been told to reduce our carbon footprint, reduce emissions, and be better stewards of the environment. It was so important, we were told, that the Government actually subsidized some of these goals. Hybrid cars and high efficiency vehicles (better MPG) were touted as the way forward – and the government would help pay for you to get there! Check out for their table of Tax Credits for e-cars. But now, since those hybrid and electronic cars use little to no fuel, the state is coming for a Road Usage Fee – an ‘un’gas tax if you will.

The roads, they argue, are paid for by ‘road tolls’ (which are actually gas taxes.) With the rise in hybrid and electronic vehicles, the road toll (gas tax) revenue will decrease. So, who will pay for the roads?

Republican Representative Norman Major (Rock-14, Plaistow) has just the solution. An ‘un’gas tax for fuel efficient vehicles.

The more fuel efficient your vehicle, the more you pay. Regardless of how much you actually drive.

A road usage fee of $125 would apply to vehicles that use zero gasoline, to make up for the “base” gas tax revenue of a 20mpg vehicle that travels 12,000 miles per year, which is estimated at $132.20.

The bill received a 16-5 Ought to Pass recommendation from the Committee, and will be voted on Jan 8th or 9th in the full House. The other sponsors are: Rep. Almy (D – Graf. 13); Rep. Graham (R-Hills. 7); Rep. Abrami (R-Rock. 19); Rep. Wall (D-Straf. 6); Sen. D’Allesandro, (D-Senate Dist 20).

Woof, three Republican sponsors on a tax hike bill that grows Government? Come on guys…