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Andrew Gillum for Veep?

Florida is a must win for Democrats in 2020, no doubt.  Without Florida, it’s hard to see a path to victory.

So, it stands to reason that the presumptive Democrat nominee, Elizabeth Warren, would be trying to court Andrew Gillum, which was reported earlier by the Daily Beast.  Gillum lost to Republican Governor Ron Desantis in November ’18, but not by a lot.  And, there’s plenty there for Elizabeth Warren and her base to like.

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Basically his only qualifications are that he’s from Florida, and he’s not white.  But, in today’s political age that is enough for the Left.  Oh, and he’s allegedly corrupt.  The FBI has been looking into his time as mayor,

Andrew Gillum is a focal point of a recently issued federal grand jury subpoena that demands information on the former Democratic candidate for governor, his campaign, his political committee, a wealthy donor, a charity he worked for and a former employer.


The Florida Commission on Ethics is looking into him as well on claims he accepted illegal gifts.

We may be out ahead of the curve here, as the Warren Campaign issued a strong rebuke when asked if she was considering him for Veep.  That said, other POTUS Candidates have also been talking to Gillum, so it is clear that all of their eyes are on Florida heading into 2020.

Let’s hope they stay focused there and forget all about Wisconsin again. Heh.