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Peterborough Zoning: 91-A Request Finds

Peterborough NH

The Zoning battle in Peterborough is far from over.  There are currently two lawsuits pending in Hillsborough County District Court, and no one appears closer to getting any answers.

I did receive the results of my 91-A request today, and unsurprisingly there isn’t much there.  I may have to refine the request and ask for more, especially considering snippets like this:

Now, Tyler Ward (Select Board Chair) may be asking out of genuine need to know. Neither Francie nor Libby are on the Select Board, so he may just be trying to figure out whether or not his response is public record.  It certainly should be public record.  I’ll find out in the next batch of 91-A requests.

The Reason for the Request

Why was the 91-A request filed in the first place?  The Town is suing two residents that filed a citizen’s petition to change zoning articles.  I wanted to know who authorized the lawsuit.  Though the answer to that wasn’t clear after today’s results — one thing was clear – It wasn’t the select board.

First, the email from one of the named defendants:

And then, the ‘response’ from Selectman Bill Taylor (as a forward to the Town Administrator)

Interesting. So WHO authorized suing two residents on behalf of the Town? Doesn’t seem like it was anyone that was ELECTED to represent the Town!

More to come, but in the interim here’s the Town’s lawsuit against Loretta Laurenitis and her husband.