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NHGOP Launches Feltes2020.com

Yesterday, NH Senate Majority Leader Dan Feltes launched his gubernatorial bid, to the surprise of no one.  We’ve known for months that Dan was going to run, he finally just made it official.

The NHGOP, not wasting any time, launched Feltes2020.com today.  And, it’s quite well done.

The page is complete with the digital ads the NHGOP has run this year, highlighting the fiscal irresponsibility of Dan Feltes and the NH Democrats.


Further down the page, there are links where you can tweet about what Senator Feltes actually stands for, followed by a short summation:

It may be a year out from the primary for New Hampshire offices, but election season seems to be heating up already.

Joseph Sweeney, Communications Director for the NHGOP, issued the following statement regarding the launch of Feltes2020.com:

We launched Feltes2020.com and we want to make sure people can use it to separate the facts from Feltes’ fiction. Governor Sununu has built an impeccable record in Concord, fighting for the people of New Hampshire against the very tax and spending increases Dan Feltes advocated for this past year. It is crucial we send a clear signal to Feltes and Democrats like him that New Hampshire will reject their out-of-touch agenda.

Dan Feltes may claim that he won’t support an income tax, but his record says otherwise.  I have a feeling the NHGOP and others will not let you forget that.  His likely competition, Andru Volinsky, certainly won’t — his whole platform will be the need to implement broad-based taxes on you.