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‘I never felt threatened by them’ … BUT

Peter Leishman endorses Cory Booker

It’s not often that a Peterborough Democrat votes the right way in Concord, so when the opportunity arrises it seems almost necessary to praise it.

Earlier this year, Peter Leishman (D-Peterborough) voted against House Rule Amendment 63.  Yes, one of the four Democrats that voted against the ban on “deadly weapons” within House chambers.

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It seems important to me to reward good behavior, so when one of my Peterborough reps did something right, for once, I had to take advantage.  I emailed him.

From: Christopher Maidment <cjmaidmentco@gmail.com>
To: Rep. Peter Leishman <prleishman@aol.com>
Date: 2 Jan 2019, 4:16pm
Subject: Rule 63

Good Afternoon Representative Leishman;
I wanted to take a brief moment to thank you for your vote today on the amendment to House Rule 63. I believe you voted correctly, and am sure you will be getting some negative feedback from your own party, but as a constituent of yours I am grateful you voted against the rule change and therefore upholding(sic) your oath to the New Hampshire Constitution.
Best regards;
Christopher Maidment

To my surprise, I got an email back.  Reformatted, emphasis mine.

From: Rep. Peter Leishman <prleishman@aol.com> To: Christopher Maidment <cjmaidmentco@gmail.com> Date: 2 Jan 2019, 6:47pm Subject: Re: Rule 63


Thanks for your email.  Yes, I have received some negative feedback.  The amendment was poorly drafted and certainly doesn’t make the House Chamber any safer.  Often I have sat next to representatives that have been “armed” – which is their right.   I never felt threatened by any of them – an argument used by some of the supporters of the rules change.

Happy New Year!


Absolutely correct, Rep. Leishman.  100%.  “Doesn’t make the House Chamber any safer,” “is their right,” “never felt threatened by any of them.”  Makes perfect sense!  He was one of only four democrats that voted against the rule change that didn’t make anyone safer, but gave the Democrats an early “victory” in the two-year round-for-round fight they are waging on the good people of New Hampshire.

How do you go from perfectly sound logic about guns around you and then suddenly flip on every other gun bill the House heard this year?  Yeah, on all gun control bills today alone he voted wrong.  Every single one.  Yet, the same logic he applied in January would have worked for every one of these bills.  They did nothing to make anything or anyone safer and the keeping and bearing of arms is a RIGHT.

So what, it’s Peterborough?

Yeah, so what.  It’s just Peterborough.  Well guess what – I have news for you.  The NH Democrats this year have gone so far left that there is an opportunity in every district.  They’re threatening your rights, they’re coming for your wallet, and by gosh they’ve even introduce an LSR to study REMOVING or AMENDING ARTICLE 2-A.

Not everyone will agree with us on every issue, but there is a HUGE opportunity for Republicans in 2020, even in D+15 towns like Peterborough.  It’s sad that even those Democrats who could and should be alright on some issues have to cave to the far left power in their base.  Let’s make them pay for it. Don’t cede ground in any town regardless of the PVI.  Let’s take back control of our Government in New Hampshire.