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Gov. Weld is Full Of It

Bill Weld, ‘candidate’ for US President, is full of it.  Some of you may already know that, but he highlighted it yesterday spewing false claims about the RNC and the Trump Victory Campaign.

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At a press conference in the Legislative Office Building in Concord, Weld claimed

“[New Hampshire Republican Leaders are] under direct orders from the Republican National Committee and Mr. Trump’s organization in Washington to disregard us, to block us in every way,” Weld said. “They sent out a memo to Republican town and city chairs saying if anyone representing Bill Weld comes to a meeting, move to adjourn. If the motion to adjourn fails, walk out of the room.”


This is patently false, a bold-faced lie, and Weld must know that.

I’m on the board of the Hillsborough County Republican Committee.  We have received no such order.  Our Chairman described it as “false, false, false.”  Similarly, I’m the Chairman of the Peterborough Republican Committee, and have received no such memo or directive.

Neither the HCRC or the PRTC have been asked by the Weld campaign for a speaking opportunity for him or his campaign, either.

The Coos County Republican Committee said in a Facebook post:

As Chairman of the Coos County Republican Committee I call on William Weld to retract his statement and apologize to each and every Republican Committee in the State.  There will be a vote at our September 19 meeting to approve a letter demanding such an apology.

Bill Weld stands no chance in New Hampshire.  Not against President Trump, who has 94% approval among Republicans.  He knows that.  Attacking the local GOP Committees is not going to help his cause.  If anything there’ll be a backlash from those very committees and he’ll never be allowed to speak.

The NHGOP firmly denies Weld’s claims as well;

The NHGOP has not, and would not, send out a memo instructing town, city, or county committees on avoiding any particular candidate. We are strong defenders of the First-in-the-Nation primary and any candidate running has the right to be heard. This past weekend, the Seacoast Republican Women, a recognized chapter of the New Hampshire Federation of Republican Women, a NHGOP Executive Committee member, hosted their annual Chili Fest and Gov. Weld spoke and the crowd of 200 Republicans listened to his pitch.

Yep, allowing Weld to speak at an official NHGOP affiliate event definitely qualifies as ‘blocking at every turn.’