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Trump Derangement Syndrome will Choose Dem Nominee

Will Trump Derangement Syndrome choose the democrat nominee? Yesterday, Dr. Jill Biden spoke to voters at a bookstore in Manchester, NH, and urged primary voters to ‘swallow’ and vote for Sleepy Joe.

Swallow what? Who knows. But, it turns out voters may agree with that sentiment.  According to the latest CNN/SSRS Poll – among democrats and democrat-leaning independents that are registered to vote a majority care more about beating Trump than choosing a nominee that agrees with them on the issues.  This is especially true amongst voters 45 and older,  amongst college graduates, and most especially among white college graduates. 

65% of white, college educated democrats care more about beating Trump than voting for a candidate they can, or want to, actually support.  This isn’t particularly shocking to say the least, but it can help explain why Joe Biden is leading in the polls.  Democrats think he’s the guy that can beat Trump, apparently, and will allow Trump Derangement Syndrome to dictate their nominee instead of nominating a candidate for POTUS they actually agree with on the issues.

Sleepy Joe gained ground in this latest poll, jumping from 22% of the base to 29%, seemingly picking up most of the voters Kamala Harris lost after the last debate. (Harris dropped form 17% to 5%, shocking to only her and her team, likely.)

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So, will Sleepy Joe, who gaffes every time he speaks, be the nominee? Looks more and more like it after every poll.  Time to ‘swallow’, Democrats!

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