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Millennials Flock to NH for Jobs, Affordable Housing, Quality of Life

I can’t even begin to count how many times I’ve heard democrats, or anyone for that matter, use the phrase “we need more young people to move here!”  It’s a common trope, especially from democrats who seek to impose more government intervention on the rest of us through programs like workforce training, ‘workforce’ housing, college debt forgiveness, etc.

A new study from Smart Asset – “Where Millennials are Moving” used census data from 2017 to show that in fact New Hampshire is the biggest magnet in the Northeast for millennials.  Why? Job opportunities, affordable housing, and quality of life.  Everything the democrats claim we don’t have and seek to ‘fix’.

Not only are we the biggest magnet in the Northeast, we are 10th in country for net migration for person aged 20-34 (millenials).  6,719 more millennials moved into the state than out in 2017 – yet we repeatedly hear from NH democrats and politicians that we need to enact their policies so that ‘young people’ will want to stay here, live here.

I find it worth noting that Tennessee is also on the top 10 list for net millennial migration, as one of the few states with a lower overall tax burden than New Hampshire.

So, I’ll ask today the same question I asked yesterday: What exactly are the NH democrats trying to fix?  The only hope is that the millennials moving here are smart enough to recognize that the reasons they are moving here is an effect of responsible republican leadership & sound economic policies.  Welcome to New Hampshire, don’t Mass it up!