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Ledger-Transcript Editor Soaks Paper In Tears

Ben Conant

The leftist meltdown is in full blown crisis mode.  Twitter is a dumpster fire (but when isn’t it, really,) Facebook is ablaze with nasty insults and derogatory comments, and Editorial Boards at leftist newspapers shriek into the night.

Check out this headline from our ‘friends’ at the Monadnock Ledger-Transcript:

“EDITORIAL: Gun control vetoes cowardly, dangerous”

You may remember Ben Conant, the Editor, from a brief tussle we had over a candidate’s night the MLT sponsored but tried (and failed) to keep news outlets out.  In the end, the voters won – as video recording and multiple media outlets were allowed – but not before a full-blown meltdown by Ben Conant at the MLT.

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Our buddy Ben starts out his latest (nameless!) diatribe by lamenting the fact that just last week! he used he editorial space to URGE lawmakers to ACT on gun control.  Today, Governor Sununu did act – but the left really doesn’t like the way it turned out.

It was just a week ago that we used this editorial space to urge legislators to take action on gun control following a pair of deadly shootings in El Paso, Texas and Dayton, Ohio.

Unfortunately, just the opposite took place between last Tuesday and today. In the latest example of partisan, thoughts-and-prayers, do-nothing “leadership,” New Hampshire Gov. Chris Sununu vetoed three gun control bills Friday.

All three had passed the House and Senate but were shot down by Sununu, who continues to live up to the A grade awarded him by the NRA.

Nailed it! Sununu vetoed those bills to maintain his ‘A’ rating with the NRA — errr ummm — no.  The People of New Hampshire DON’T WANT Article 2-A infringements, you complete walnut! (Saw that insult go viral this week, and it’s pretty awesome isn’t it?)

Now – if you’re going to go on an emotional anger hate cry filled legislative lamentation about how you didn’t get your way — it helps to get your details and facts correct.  As he continues – he gets bill numbers wrong.  At first I though ah, a typo, transposed number – easy. Could happen to anyone.  But it didn’t happen to anyone, it happened to THE editor of the Monadnock Ledger-Transcript and he got it wrong twice  in one paragraph.  Some editor!

HB 154 (sic) would have enacted mandatory three-day waiting periods for all gun purchases, excepting purchases of hunting firearms by people who’ve completed a safety course and purchases made by law enforcement or military personnel. Aside from the obvious ‘crimes of passion’ that waiting periods would theoretically reduce, HB 154 (sic) was specifically backed by New Hampshire mental health experts because it would reduce suicides.

Newsflash Copernicus – it was HB 514.  When you predictably use up your ‘valuable’ editorial space in September before ‘Veto Day’ you may want to correct this so your leftist followers can at least cite the right bill when they screech at Republicans state-wide.

If that’s not bad enough — he goes on to quote Katherine Rogers (guffaw!) AND he spells her name wrong too!

The bill’s (HB109) sponsor, Rep. Katharine(sic) Rogers, said that the NH Dept. of Safety estimates 40 percent of all gun sales next year will not go through any background check.

Now, I have NO idea where the NH Dept. of Safety would get an estimate that wild — but it came out of the mouth of Katherine Rogers (the assault rep,) so I don’t really believe it anyways, and neither should you.

The leftist meltdowns over today’s vetoes are far from over, so until next time!