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Why Is Everyone Disowning the January 6 Capitol Hill Protests?

US Capitol Bldg behind security fence

Leftist corporate media establishments, frequently erroneously referred to as legacy, establishment, or mainstream, and U.S. Democrat party politicians have been competing with each other to come up with the most ridiculous comparison for the January 6 Capitol occupation.

It has been said that they were worse than Pearl Harbor, worse than 9/11, worse than WW2. These people are, to put it simply, clowns.

Their goal is to lure attention and earn clicks for corporate media webpages. It is an absolute travesty that anyone actually believes this stupidity, and they do the country a disservice when they bring the conversation to such an asinine level.

One point should be firmly established: The Federal government DID NOT WORK correctly between November 3, 2020, and January 6, 2021. It failed miserably.

The DOJ failed to hear cases on election fraud. Congressional representatives failed to stand up for the people they speak for. The President failed to act decisively to prevent a corrupted election process from being allowed to determine the next president.

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Without considering the heavy doses of rhetoric coming from the Federal political establishment, consider the reality. The Capitol protest was a relatively peaceful occupation. When compared to the riots co-sponsored by Antifa and Black Lives Matter groups that had swept the country in the summer of 2020, the Capitol protest inflicted a small percentage of the damage and death. Where the Antifa/BLM riots caused hundreds of millions of dollars in damage and tens of deaths, the Capitol protest caused an estimated $1.3 million. Hardly a drop in the bucket compared to the thousands of businesses that had property destroyed and looted.

Protest is a sacred right in any healthy country. Speaking truth to power, a phrase championed by the left, is something that any society should practice regularly. Powerholders have a different vantage point from common citizens, and if there is not a healthy conversation between them all, the system rots and breaks down. In the U.S.A., protest is constitutionally protected.

The 2020 election was rotten. Anyone paying attention on election day saw what happened — poll watchers were abused based on their political affiliation. Some were forcibly and illegally removed from vote counting locations. Others who sought legal intervention had their legally sound claims, backed by state-level court order, totally ignored.

Joe Biden, himself, claimed in an interview that he had organized the largest system of voter fraud in history. Later, in 2021, in a speech he claimed that it wasn’t the voters who mattered but rather who counts the votes. Most who pay attention recognized very quickly on election day or shortly thereafter that massive voter fraud has taken place. Unfortunately, American society is too compartmentalized to allow for effective grassroots communication in short order.

Between November 3 and January 6, when the election results were federally confirmed, there was not enough time or willpower to effectively organize upholding the law of the land.

Instead, the USA lost its sovereignty to a political process that was in all likelihood strongly influenced by external actors, and illegally bought by money from Mark Zuckerburg, aided and abetted by Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey’s willingness to curtail freedom of information through liberal use of censorship and internet oppression.

The Dominion voting system, with internet connectivity that showed signs of data transfers to locations in China, Serbia, Canada, and Spain ——— Silicon Valley flexed into fascism to support a cadre of Democrat Party career politicians who have become some of the most corrupt American working in government in the history of the country.

The January 6 protest was a vent for an extreme level of frustration from the right side of the US political spectrum. People felt disenfranchised by an election process that clearly watered down their individual votes with hundreds of thousands if not millions of dead voters, duplicated Biden ballots, and other illegal vote-related acts. Of course, they have a right to express their frustration, and they could have even enacted real change to prevent the Biden presidency had they been organized enough. They weren’t, to the detriment of the country.

As much as the prevailing powerholders on the left continue to repeat how bad Trump was, the reality is that he should have received a second term and that Biden is many, many times worse.

In 2019, in the latter half of the Trump presidency, I commented that a good solution would be to just let the Oval Office be empty for a four-year term. Let the country work without a strong executive branch.

There is some inkling that Biden is a non-president, except he is continuously taking overt actions to destroy the U.S. energy sector (rather than intelligently transition it), allow globalist Big Pharma to abuse American citizens (very misguided), hamstring U.S. sovereignty (totally unnecessary), and make a total fool of the country on the international stage (again unnecessary). And more than that. That is not an empty executive. That is a rotten executive that is intent on destroying its own country. It’s insane and abhorrent.

On January 6, 2021, American citizens made a peaceful effort to prevent the Biden catastrophe. They did so in a relatively peaceful way. In reality, this was a peaceful occupation to express frustration for a corrupted and out-of-touch Congress. After all, the U.S. Capitol building is a public building. It should be open to the public, and any citizen should be allowed to enter.

If the USA is a free and fair democracy, I challenge the Speaker of the House and any elected representative to permit any U.S. citizen entry at any time. Deconstruct the tyranny that Cheney, Pelosi, and their ilk have erected.

The reaction to January 6 from the leftist corporate media has been to twist it into some abomination. U.S. Democrat Party members have used the opportunity to force Congressmembers to obey and fall in line or be canceled. It has become a Rorschach test where the U.S. Democrats attempt to force everyone to see it only one way. In fact, these people chose to take the exact same approach that was taken by the CCP, a one-party monopoly, after a similar legislature occupation in Hong Kong just a few years ago.

How sick is it that we follow such a poor example when we are a democracy and the Chinese so clearly not?

Let’s explore other ways to view January 6.

We should embrace January 6 as an act of a healthy democratic system, when people can express their opinions in a way that does not reflect poorly on their professional and personal lives.

We should champion January 6 as a day of peaceful protest against the Federal establishment — the Deep State, because those people need to be constantly reminded that their jobs exist to uphold a free, fair, and vibrant society.

We should glorify January 6 as a day when the citizenry occupies public federal buildings, to remind federal officials who runs the United States of America — NOT THE POLITICIANS, it’s THE PEOPLE.