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The Truth of the Trump Presidency Success

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It is amazing to know that intelligent people, like the writer of the Unlikely Legacy article of January 2, opine on issues they either know little about or lie about facts to support a false narrative. The problem is the economy.

The facts about the Trump presidency are the following. Trump passed the tax act of 2017 to make American corporate tax rates competitive with foreign rates so corporations would hire American workers and invest at home, not overseas.

He accomplished that because the employment rate among African-Americans and Latinos was the highest in the 50 years. Corporation like GM and Carrier brought their production back to America.

Trump negotiated the USMCA treaty leveling the playing field for American auto workers and farmers. Democrats offered zero support for this treaty. So much for Democrats caring about our workers.

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Our standing in the world was to have other nations respect America instead of taking advantage of us. Trump got NATO nations to pay their fair share of NATO expenses instead of taking advantage of American taxpayers.

Trump got Premier Kim to stop launching missiles over the airspace of our allies. He also put sanction on China and Russia to have them treat us more fairly. Trump stopped the Russian natural gas pipeline to Europe so that America could provide that gas to our allies.

It would take more than 250 words to explain the other successes. Biden’s inflation and high gas prices have crippled our economy.