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Is The World of 2021 a Decrepit Place?

Nasa sattelite earth at night

If you view it from a certain angle, the world in 2021 is a decrepit place. In the United States’ northeast corridor, what has by many been considered the seat of global power since the fall of the Berlin Wall in the early 1990s, a rogue government tyrannizes people under the guise of revolutionary socialism.

On one front, the Bidenistas advocate for a massive government expansion with a price tag upwards of $5 trillion dollars. This level of financial expenditure by a government is patently absurd and would massively weaken US influence worldwide, not to mention hamstring American growth for decades to come.

On the other side of the coin, the United States in cooperation with other globalist actors has permitted laissez-faire capitalism to fully express itself through the downright evil intentions of corporate pharma. Criminal enterprise seeking pure profit has constructed a nefarious campaign that has created a new class, the vaccinated.

This class is veritably sheep controlled via mass formation psychosis, hellbent on protecting itself against all manner of disease through unrealistic and unsustainable measures. They believe that the world is overcrowded and endeavor to make a profit off of an effort to institute population culls.

If they would just go outside of their hellish Democrat-run cities, which in America have become the most crime-riddled in the world, they may find massive swaths of untouched and often government-protected land. National parks and wildlife sanctuaries. These could be expanded easily with the amount of capital that is being proposed for deployment to a range of other useless measures.

The poorly-run cities could be optimized and decaying areas rezoned and redeveloped into parkland. Public transportation networks kept in a sanitary and safe way. With proper education towards the planet’s carrying capacity for humans and education campaigns towards intelligent fertility and reproduction combined with financial incentives to limit having babies, people may realize their role in checking population growth.

This is far better than creating a new global class to discriminate and oppress.

In this new class system, the vaccinated live in a cloistered world fraught with all manner of hypocrisy. On one hand, they are told that climate change is destroying the planet, yet they insist on wearing disposable cloth medical masks to protect themselves from disease. Laughably, these masks were originally used in Asia, prior to the coronavirus pandemic, mostly by those who had already fell ill to protect others from their own contagiousness.

Furthermore, medical masks were never intended to be worn for six to eight-hour spells, yet these people are forcing children to wear them through the entirety of the school day. Children are the most resistant in the population to communicable diseases and have the strongest immune systems. This is societal lunacy.

A core aspect of this lunacy is the widespread belief that life is meaningless, that there is nothing to live for, and that the amoral, atheistic mindset is the best way. Well, if the goal is to create a capitalist dystopia where easily-controlled misinformed people live at odds with reality while an entrenched oligarchy enriches itself, then I would put forth that yes, amoral atheism is a great way.

That situation is not sustainable, nor is it in any way beneficial to the future of civilization on this planet. I propose a better way: moral theism.

Benjamin Franklin in his autobiography, Chapter 9, describes his experiences developing his own moral system. He constructed it on his own. Although he was a freemason, a society that is strongly morally founded, he established a thirteen-point moral system and made detailed notes on his continued striving to perfect it.

Notably, he realized that he could never perfect it, but it was the process of striving that allowed him to become a wealthy, well-respected, and successful individual.

Atheism is a godless pursuit. Consider the Greek root theos meaning god. This is not capital ‘G’ god as in the one and all-powerful God. This is simply any god. That is, any greater being that is capable of creation.

Who knows whether such beings exist.

In the Roman pantheon, as a pertinent example, there were many gods. The Hindu religion, practiced by over one billion people in South Asia and around the world, posits the existence of thousands of gods. This is not a blasphemous concept in many parts of the world.

If your reaction to this discussion is to accuse me of blasphemy, you should deeply consider whose agenda you serve when you make such a declaration. Being theistic entails believing in godliness, and maybe that there are some beings out there in the cosmos among the billions of stars and galaxies who possess sublime divinity.

I would be so bold as to guarantee that in the city nearest to you, moral theists exist. They may not consider themselves to be moral theists. They may not be so enlightened to this idea, nor so bold as to openly admit such a potentially offensive concept. Offensive in the sense that such an individual rejects amoral collectivism and the rejection of the divine.

These two ideas have been ground into the human spirit. It may be more fitting to say that the human spirit has become overwhelmingly dammed. It has been checked, blocked, prevented from flow in the individual, and as such in society.

Look upon on your local society and consider how leashed the individual is. To the smartphone, to the place of employment, to someone else’s political agenda. Where is the place that the individual is able to nourish spirit with the community? In the old days, this was the church. Is there such a place for communal sharing and revitalization today? It may be direly needed.

There is a better way.