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Inaction is Action

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The Supreme Court’s failure to issue a decision on the Biden Administrations’ unconstitutional vaccine mandate yesterday is bad for every American regardless of which political side you sit.

Their failure to act is flouting the Constitution and their responsibility to the American people.

The Supreme court could have made an easy decision that was to maintain the Jacobson v. Massachusetts case which would have reaffirmed that vaccination is up to the States. They also had the option to do what is clearly right and side with those that say vaccination interferes with medical freedom and should be up to the individual.

The inability of the court to function and grant relief to the American people once again usurps State authority and grants rights that belong to the American people to the Federal Government.

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Sadly, this is only the tip of the iceberg. During the first day’s hearing on the vaccination mandates, we heard justices express ridiculous un-American views (Looking at you Sotomayor). How does a Supreme Court Justice not know the difference between State and Federal Authority? What about spewing information that was not based on fact but media fear-mongering?

Americans will never be able to have a free and fair society when even our Justice system is rotting at the top.

The Supreme court was supposed to be an impartial-unbiased-apolitical organization. The reality, however, is that many of the Justices made up their mind before hearing arguments, and undoubtedly whatever decision they make could change the shape of America forever.

That is why it is imperative for the Supreme Court to remember their oaths and do what is right by the Constitution and remember that rights not explicitly granted by the Constitution belong to the States and the People.