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Trains and Trucks and Scandinavia Sucks

Trucker truckers long haul original Photo by Taylor on Unsplash

Fun fact, kids. Your Grumpy Observer has always been fascinated with the transportation and logistics industries. An intricate system of people and marvels, like the Antonov plane or Ro-ro vessels, all flawlessly coordinated to bring you your cargo, or in-laws, just in time for production or babysitting. C’est Magnifique.

But one wrong move, or government jab mandate, and the system could collapse, tout suite!

Canadian trucking groups have made it clear that issues with supply chains could worsen if the Canadian and U.S. governments follow through with a proposed January 15 deadline for truckers to present vaccine passports in order to cross the border for essential business. Though the Biden regime is now backing off the truckers a bit, my radar shows a two-faced reversal on the horizon after the Holidays.

But, as it is the Season of perpetual hope, I hope it becomes a permanent no-jab ticket for all of our transportation friends and while I’m at it, a BIG thank you to all the transportation folks, especially the truckers, who kept the shelves stocked as best as they could in 2020! Heck of a job, kids…heck of a job!

In railway news, Amtrak announced that it has suspended its employee vaccine mandate until January 2022 due to a potential reduction in service over the Holidays. Seems less than 500 employees are unjabbed and the firing or suspension of those employees was enough to cause concern about a loss of service, according to the train company’s recent Congressional testimony, so testing will now be the interim option. Wait..wait…wait…what?

A Congressional hearing about how these 500 Amtrack employees will interrupt the schedule and service of a railroad, but no Congressional hearings about the impact of similar unjabbed staffing for hospitals and medical practices? Well… I’m sure “Joey, baby” Amtrack Biden can ‘splain…

And in keeping with cargo and goods, Kellogg’s has pledged to stop using wheat and oat products that contain glyphosate by the year 2025 in a move that it says is a part of an ongoing commitment to reducing pesticide use and “sustainable agriculture.” That’s cool. I’m sure most will be dead or damaged from the jab by then to actually care.

But do you know who cares? The New Zealand government. And how do they care? They have decided to ban smoking for everyone in 2025. Yes, smoking, and yes, everyone. Not the jab, that’s probably killed more Kiwi’s this year than lung cancer or Lord of the Rings reenactment scenes, but smoking.

Now, now, cheer up kids! As long as you’re jabbed up, you’re freed up to attend your local neighborhood orgy party as long as there are less than 25 participants, of course. Of course…

However, if personal sovereignty is your preferred specialty du jour, then off to the Land of the Rising Sun you must go! Japan’s Ministry of Health is taking a sensible, ethical approach to Covid vaccines. “Japan’s ministry of health states: “Although we encourage all citizens to receive the COVID-19 vaccination, it is not compulsory or mandatory. Vaccination will be given only with the consent of the person to be vaccinated after the information provided.” Now kids, if any of you are reaching for the suitcase in the attic and dusting off your passport, take heed: You’ll need a boatload of yen just to buy a beer but you do you…

In other world news, a top Swedish academic and her colleagues are under investigation after discovering, through government data analysis, that immigrants commit an overwhelmingly disproportionate number of rapes in the country. The Swedish Ministry of Education is now investigating the ‘report’ and getting ready to make examples of them in order to make sure that certain topics stay out-of-bounds for the purposes of political correctness. Isn’t that nice?

And in Denmark, the new socialist government has convened a kangaroo court and sentenced the former Integration Minister to a 60-day prison sentence for opposing child marriages. Ms. Inger Støjberg made international headlines when she issued a warning to several Middle East countries’ citizenry against applying for asylum in Denmark with child brides in tow.

Unfortunately, this current ruling makes Støjberg the first political prisoner for protecting children in Europe while the so-called “Human rights groups” like Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch remain silent.

Now if you’re wondering, like me, what the hell is going on in Scandinavia, all I can say is “pass the Aquavit – you’re gonna need it”….

  1. Heading to the Middle East, “An Egyptian court sentenced an 80-year-old-intellectual earlier this week to five years in prison over his remarks on the early Islamic conquests.” Ahmed Abdu‘ Maher, a high-profile lawyer, expert on Islam, and author of 14 books on Islamic history and jurisprudence, was found guilty of “contempt of Islam, stirring up sectarian strife and posing a threat to the national unity. One of Maher’s chief “crimes” is his view on the seventh and eighth-century Arab conquests – claiming they engaged in atrocity after atrocity while overthrowing and supplanting much more advanced societies and not the later reclassifiyng of that period, ‘The Sprearding of Islam'”. Huh….and here I thought getting detention in the 5th grade for not writing a report on Washington crossing the Delaware was bad….whoa.


-The Grumpy Observer