To Say That We Have Lost Our Way Is an Understatement. - Granite Grok

To Say That We Have Lost Our Way Is an Understatement.

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Like those nations that have preceded us in history the United States of America has reached a turning point. To say that we have lost our way is an understatement.

“We The People” will have a say in which direction we will turn.

It’s fair to say that the elections of 2022 & 2024 will only be a start and not a solution for our survival.

I truly believe that History is a barometer and a teacher in making good choices as Nations progress and age. When failure is not an option we should look carefully at what made this Republic successful and where we made mistakes, and yes we have made mistakes.

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The one gift our “Forefathers” gave us that has fueled our rise in the standing of nations is this. By looking at the History of past world forms of governments they were able to provide us with a new one-of-a-kind Republic where the government served “We The People.”

I think that perhaps is what our government has lost sight of?

James Lee Miller