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The COVID Vaccine Push Is a War on Professional Athletes

soccer ball original Photo by Connor Coyne on Unsplash

The oft-overlooked reality of the economies of the Western liberal democracies in the USA and EU is that professional sports leagues are some of the most capitalist and profitable systems on the planet.

These leagues have created countless millionaires, many of them drawn from ethnic minority populations. Undoubtedly, this is a positive effect on the growth and wellbeing of ethnic minorities, something the Democrat party in the USA has purported to hold highly as its interest of recent.

The Big Pharma decision-makers (i.e. Fauci) are not athletes yet they have held disproportionate sway in US and EU  in the past two years.

The corporations in the industries they represent have shamelessly promoted coronavirus as a real threat so that they can sell vaccines to governments. To what is coronavirus a threat? It isn’t athletes, who typically have vibrant and strong immune systems. Yet, these athletes have been forced to take trial vaccines.

Decision-makers like Fauci and Birx are not fit individuals. Likely they cannot touch their toes or run a mile in under ten minutes. A ten-minute mile, by the way, is extremely slow. The most exercise these people do is walking, casual hiking, light jogging, and leisure cycling.

Their understanding of medicine and biology in the context of the professional athlete is minuscule. Yet, their corrupted decisions have been allowed to affect healthy populations. The result has been an increasing number of athlete deaths due to mysterious cardiovascular complications post-vaccination.

Athletes — professional and lifestyle — include personal trainers, amateur hobby athletes participating in adult sports leagues, coaches, and Olympians (mostly amateurs). These people compose a massive sector of an extremely profitable set of economies.

The COVID project threatens to shut down the massive capitalist machine that is the Professional Sports Industry — the NBA, NFL, MLB, and European Champions League, along with all professional leagues worldwide.

These leagues have been one of the single greatest sources of wealth transfer to minorities in the Western liberal democracies, given the reality that minority ethnicities are disproportionately represented in the athlete populations of the leagues when compared to the general population.

The minimum salary of these leagues typically exceeds 68x minimum wage in the USA.

It is the height of idiocy for US Democrat-party decision-makers to on one hand say that they champion minority ethnicities while on the other enforce a policy that threatens to destroy economies serving these minority ethnicities.

This is all because the people who have been allowed to continue to make profit-driven totalitarian decisions using fascist techniques to quell dissent have zero understanding of natural immunity. And they have zero understanding of the professional sports industry.

Another prime reason to end the COVID project once and for all.

Stand up to these disgustingly corrupt totalitarian politicians. Fauci and his ilk in the CDC are not even elected officials. They should not be running policy unchecked. Check them! And for goodness sake, stop blindly following their asinine and self-interested dictates.

Making matters worse is the reality that all of the major decision-makers in the COVID project are over 70 years old. Here’s a clue— most of the population of the planet is under 70. The retirement age is typically under 70. These people should be retired! Not in charge!

The typical health situation for people over 70 is nowhere close to the health situation of younger people. Yet, Klaus Schwab at the WEF, Fauci, Biden, Pelosi, Schumer, Nadler. Merkel—— these are all career politicians over 70 years old with zero experience in the working economies.

I’d wager money that none of them has run a mile in the past three decades, or can even perform a single pullup. They are not athletes and never were, yet they pretend to be able to make decisions for them! This is the very definition of political corruption, in a sense. These people have totally lost touch with reality.

Merely because a suit at the CDC says something is the right thing to do doesn’t mean that is correct. In a time when the institutions itself have become corrupted by corporate interests and a veritable gerontocracy, the citizens’ right to stand up and voice dissent is paramount. Citizens have the power to put an end to the rule by the elderly.

Stop the madness.

End the COVID project.