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State Rep Keith Ammon Left in the Dark about the Trial of the Teacher who Threatened Him

Daniel Rattigan Gateway Pundit

On December 17, 2021, at the 9th Circuit Court in Goffstown, a judge handed down a sentence in a case that eluded the headlines for most of the year, but it was certainly worthy of the publicity as you will find as you read on.

Daniel James Rattigan, 31, was very quietly convicted of obstruction of government administration and harassment.

There are three media outlets below that covered this story. These are short and quick to read.  After you read one or more of the articles, scroll down for the rest of the story. Also, keep in mind that the worst of the threat made by Daniel Rattigan was not published.

I have seen it, and if such a threat were made to you and your family, I am confident you would find it quite unsettling to the point where you may not sleep at night.

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Daniel Rattigan was formerly a teacher at Armand R. Middle School in Allenstown, NH. I am not writing about whether the legislation Rep. Keith Ammon supported was inflammatory or not because it is not relevant to the threatening post from Mr. Rattigan. Filing or supporting legislation should not put anyone’s life in danger.

As stated before, the links above explain what Mr. Rattigan posted online was the G-rated version of what he posted to NH State Representative Keith Ammon’s Facebook page.  He used an account that could not easily be traced to his real identity.

In the end, Daniel Rattigan pleaded guilty to the charges, so this does lend final credibility to Mr. Rattigan making such threats against NH State Representative Keith Ammon and his family.

Full disclosure; Keith Ammon and I are personal friends and have been for over 10 years. Everything I am disclosing here is public information. I felt compelled to write this, with his permission, because this is a newsworthy story that the larger outlets in New Hampshire have not reported. This should make national news, especially with the nugget that the perpetrator was a school teacher.

A NH State Representative can endure a lot of scrutiny and sadly, even threats over their term. Mr. Rattigan attempted to hide his identity, and he had also been a teacher that shaped New Hampshire’s future via our most precious resource – our children.

It is also important for the public to understand that Hon. Keith Ammon was never made aware of the trial.

He was never given the opportunity to give a victim impact statement.

He was not notified of the court date, so it was impossible for him to have an opportunity to face his accuser.

He spent months trying to get an update on his case with multiple agencies, which rested with the New Boston Police Dept. where it was ultimately brought to trial.

This really surprised me, as I am pretty familiar with victim impact statements from a previous career and even a case where a client owed me money where I was allowed to make one. But NH Rep. Keith Ammon was never notified of the court date and was not given that opportunity.

While I feel that this was unfair to him as the victim, I also feel that this should not have flown under the radar of the New Hampshire press and that the citizens of New Hampshire should know who is teaching their children.

The kicker here is that although Mr. Rattigan was convicted on two charges, harassment and obstructing government administration, his fines were suspended except for $620 on one charge and there was no jail time. I question why the charge was harassment when it was clearly criminal threatening.  Perhaps one that was pleaded to a lesser charge.

The justice system had a chance to make an example out of such horrific behavior, but we slapped his hand and let him walk.