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Revolution – To the Barricades!

Sen Jeanne Shaheen

My, oh my, who’d-a thought in these days of BLM and Antifa that NH’s own Jeanne Shaheen, thriving attorney Bill Shaheen’s famous spouse, would raise a fist, a la the disgraced former Winter Soldier John Kerry and his now infamous Ghengis Khan speech and his invocation of arms and legs and of heads held aloft, and she’d shout “Revolution!”

Well, I am pro-life.

When I was a cop, oh, so many years ago, I was sent places where I never saw politicians, let alone famous politicians. Places where people died on feces-covered floors alone.  During that time I delivered three babies and one delivery stands out and haunts me to this day.

We had a call to an apartment for unknown trouble. When we walked in we found a heroin addict in the throes of giving birth. I sent my partner, in those days before walkie-talkies, back to the car to radio for a rescue, and I began to deliver a preemie.

I was soon puffing through a piece of gauze trying to keep this baby, no bigger than the palm of my hand, alive. Soon the ambulance team arrived and whisked the baby away and we made our way to the Med to hand the crew their EAP slip and where I wrote both a report on the birth and death.

But I had tried my damndest to keep that little tyke alive.

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Today, that little baby and millions like her are discarded as medical waste. They’re detritus of the vast big business called the abortion industry. An industry that damns places like Texas for silly things like “heartbeat” bills to protect the unborn from certain death.

And now, from her golden perch, high above the fray which affects the commoners, protected by the minions of Margaret Sanger’s death industry, the Democrat Party, ActBlue, and their billions of dollars of donations, our own New Hampshire senator, Jeanne Shaheen, has called for a “Revolution” if Roe v. Wade should somehow be overturned in an act of bravery by the US Supreme Court.

Joe Biden, in June of 2019, called for a “…physical revolution…” when asked how to deal with Senate Republicans. Jeanne Shaheen is just climbing on that storied SDS/Weatherman/Winter Soldier bandwagon before it leaves for the 2022 parade.

As constituents, we should be so proud.

I wonder how such zany and madcap chatter out of our august senior senator will impact her husband’s law practice?

Did she vet her Bill Ayers/Bernardine Dohrn talk with her husband?  Will it bring in more far-left fringe customers?  Or will it put a dent in the worshipped cash flow, the single thing the new progressives value more than Roe v. Wade; that filthy lucre, the dough that enables you to flee the insanity that you and your pals have loosed on the hoi polloi and kulaks like me and my friends all across America.

It’s the insanity the Democrats want to bring to New Hampshire through the pre-programmed Dominion/SMARTMATIC ballot boxes, gerrymandering, or revolution.  In either case, the outcome will be the same – our enslavement to an overreaching central government controlled by the likes of Jeanne Shaheen, the friend of the veterans and the sponsor of the USS Manchester LCS-14 yesterday and the crier of “revolution” today.

Aux barricades, à droite Jeanne?