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A Year of Liberty


I hold the hope and vision of a beautiful 2022 filled with peaceful soul force. A new year in which we again realize the pleasure of being endowed by our Creator with unalienable rights.

A year of liberty in which we once again firmly require that the government we have established secure our rights, and be firmly limited to only the just powers to which we the people have granted.

Many of us have been told over the last two years that we are selfish because we hold to liberty. However, these disoriented souls do not understand that liberty is the least selfish pursuit of civil-political life, because standing for liberty is always accompanied by a price.

Liberty is like a campfire, it gives light, warmth, and provision to those around it, and comes with it a risk to the hands of those who tend, feed, and care for it the most.

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As we look back at 2021, and the years prior, and we see the ways we succumbed to the hypnosis of the public health technocratic regime, let us simply admit that we were mistaken.

We were mistaken to trade our liberty in fear.

We were mistaken to trade our liberty for an empty promise of being taken care of by the soulless government. We were mistaken to give up our individuality in order to belong.

We were mistaken to lean on infiltrators who presented themselves as being helpful while leading us down the path of enslavement.

When we, regardless of our political affiliations, admit that we were mistaken and again take up our heritage of a people who recognize that we are created by the divine, and that we are so loved that we are endowed with unalienable rights, we will raise up the errors of what we did and what we tolerated, to a better pro-human future.

However, this admission and rededication is not a collective act. Rather it is an individual acceptance of responsibility that will bestow a blessing to everyone around you for the years to come.

I look forward to enjoying with you all a 2022 filled with freedom and prosperity.