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Show Up to Support a Ban on Employer and School Vaccine Mandates

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All hands on deck!! On Tuesday, the House is holding a hearing for a bill amendment that would prohibit employers or schools from mandating the COVID-19 vaccine.

This is the chance to tell your story if you have been subject to a vaccine mandate; if you’ve had your exemptions denied or accepted; if you’ve been coerced or pressured into vaccination; if you’re concerned about your children having to receive the COVID-19 vaccination to attend school, or if you’re just a concerned citizen. It is important we FILL THE ROOM for this hearing.

If you cannot attend the hearing, you can email testimony to:

EVENT DETAILS (please share!):
What: Legislative hearing on a bill amendment to ban vaccine mandates in NH
Date: Tuesday November 16th
Time: 10:00AM
Where: NH State House, Reps Hall (107 N Main St, Concord)



👉 Friday November 19th 8A – Court Arraignment
Concord District Court 32 Clinton St. Concord
Arraignment for 9 that were arrested at the Executive Council Meeting October 13th. Let’s flood the courtroom!
One of the nine was arrested for saying “Amen”.

👉 IMPORTANT: Friday November 19th 10A – Oppose $22.5M
Fiscal Committee Meeting 33 North State Street, Concord – Room 210-211 Let’s pack the room. Let’s stop the $22.5M that was slyly passed by the Executive Council. Oppose federal funds and federal overstep. Email if you’re not planning to speak. details: