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Career Politicians and the modern Democrat Party in the USA

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I do my best to be a non-partisan writer when it comes to politics, but at some point, one must stand for reason, justice, and reality. We can only spin ourselves into a fictional state of being for so long before it becomes exceedingly dangerous to ignore what is happening on our planet.

The illustrious paper that is the Washington Post on Saturday featured an essay from Jennifer Rubin calling for “the media” to “stop treating Republicans like normal politicians.”

This from a publication whose motto is “democracy dies in darkness.” A cute alliteration that is ultimately quite frightening, But such trash has become the norm.

WaPo, as it is affectionately known, has become a silo of regressive liberalism. The DC-based editorial team believes that printing hyper-liberal heavily-partisan political attacks in a newspaper with a diminishing degree of respect nationally and hardly any international relevance is somehow a good idea. It is not.

Now, it is understandable that the directors of a newspaper in the heart of a city wielding impressive power over the planet might think highly of themselves. It is not a paper to which most Americans turn for wisdom or insight into current affairs.

Although the Post purports to reflect reality and, by all accounts, carries itself as a legitimate source of news, its published articles have approached The Onion and Babylon Bee in their degree of ridiculousness.

For a well-grounded and serious person, who conducts themselves in a manner dignified of a Western liberal republic, Jennifer Rubin’s words are a stain on respectable culture.

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That is the crux of the issue – by and large. Americans have lost an understanding of dignity and culture.

Some Americans might pride themselves on having minimal culture – of being uncultured. Others might consider themselves so highly cultured and classed that it would bring a level-headed person to nausea. What kind of country carries itself on the world stage with such clownishness that long-established newspapers of supposed repute would print such nonsense?

To answer this question, one should look no further than the modern Democrat Party in the United States.

Despite calling themselves democrats, this political party has proven to be entirely at odds with its own name. Democracy, as a concept, entails rule by the people. Given a political system where democracy is strong, a large number of people would be provided an opportunity to participate in the political process. Yet, the Democrat Party of 2021 is strikingly just the opposite.

Leading today’s Democrat Party in the USA, we see several politicians who have made their entire career as politicians. This is indicative of an authoritarian or totalitarian government.

Nancy Pelosi, first elected to a political position in 1987, has served for 34 years.

Jerry Nadler began his political career at the New York State Assembly in 1976 and has been in political office for 45 years.

First elected to an office of power in 1974, Chuck Schumer has served in American politics for 47 years.

Joe Biden has served in political office since 1970 — that’s 52 years. Together, these four individuals hold some of the strongest positions of power in the American government. Yet, they have arguably the least experience in living and working in American society. This is a recipe for disastrous corruption, and we are witnessing this disaster in real-time.

The vision of a well-functioning republic, the initial form of government intended for the United States of America, was that political representatives would serve a term or two as elected representatives and then return to their career and trade.

A political system where being a politician is considered a career is doomed to totalitarianism and authoritarianism, the very political structures that the idea of democracy is intended to prevent.

Democrats speaking of the structure of a government should realize that democracy is a style of governance. It’s essential to understand this point. The form of the American government is that of a federal constitutional republic. That’s not to say that it isn’t a democracy. It’s not a political statement. It is an understanding of what the country is. Democracy is the way politics is supposed to be, the way we wish it were practiced.

This brings us back to what the United States is today.

It is still a federal constitutional republic, and the ruling party is the Democrat Party. The leaders of this party have become inexplicably corrupt by their tenures in power. They cannot understand what it’s like to work a real job. They’ve always been elected representatives unable to reflect their own constituents accurately.

They have consistently enacted policies that are entirely and totally anti-democratic. A close look at the policies coming out of the Democrat Party might reveal that this party, in its present state, has become a party that champions National Socialism.

What is National Socialism? A simple internet search would turn up an interesting definition, including a disdain for liberal democracy and the parliamentary process, antisemitism, scientific racism, and the use of eugenics.

We should consider these traits of this ideology closely, regardless of its name.

All four of these traits are strikingly evident in the policies implemented since Joe Biden entered the White House as President.

This administration has overseen violent political warfare that has led to its political opponents being jailed on the premise of their peaceful demonstrations on January 6 at the Capitol.

They have completely ignored all attempts at political negotiation and practically rammed through Congress a radical social and fiscal agenda.

Members of this party have been vehemently anti-Semitic.

Their rhetoric relies overwhelmingly on accusing any critics of their agenda as racists.

This party has championed calls to destroy peoples’ lives based on their race.

To top it off, their central political policy revolves around maintaining a dictatorial stance on public health in a way that screams of eugenics. The real effect of the coronavirus project is the creation of a new class of people who proponents of this plan intend to treat as an underclass and potentially even a target for genocide.

The modern Democrat Party in the United States of America has fallen decisively into National Socialism whether they intended to or not.

For years, they accused Donald Trump’s administration of being fascist and Nazi, even though the Trump administration was, by all appearances, run in a very meritocratic way. Trump’s social policy gave a high degree of freedom to State-level governors in enacting policy.

This was, in practice, far more federalist than fascist. Often, in reality, when one accuses another of being a certain way out of spite, the one doing the accusing is the one who more accurately portrays the accusation. In this case, it has become a reality.

The Democrat Party has been taken over by career politicians hell-bent on practicing National Socialism. This is dangerously compromising towards everything the United States has stood for historically.

Do you know what National Socialism was called in Germany circa 1940?