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Why Are Alexander and Gordon Still on the House Judiciary Committee?

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NH’s Preborn Need Your Voice: Demand Pro-Abortion Republicans Gordon and Alexander
be Removed from the House Judiciary Committee!

While the NH GOP platform is explicitly pro-life, its leaders have continued to allow pro-abortion GOP representatives to sit on the crucial House Judiciary Committee, where they are working alongside Democrats to facilitate abortion up to birth.

Watch our newest video on the importance of the Fetal Life Protection Act, and what you can do to help.

It’s not too late for NH GOP leadership to do the right thing to stand behind our newly enacted law defending vulnerable preborn children. Pro-abortion republicans can’t remain on a committee where they can destroy the only protections for the lives of preborn children in our state.

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We must continue to raise our voices until we’re heard. Call on Speaker Packard and Majority Leader Osborne to remove Chairman Ned Gordon (R-Bristol) and Rep. Joe Alexander (R-Goffstown) from the committee before these critical protections for the late-term unborn are irreparably harmed.

Contact Rep. Packard: 603-271-3661

Contact Rep. Osborne: 603-391-2138

For more information, see the graphic below and read our blog post here.

Cornerstone Fetal Life Protection Act infographic