In 2021, More Americans Have Died from “COVID Vaccines” (2216) Than Mass Shootings (88) - Granite Grok

In 2021, More Americans Have Died from “COVID Vaccines” (2216) Than Mass Shootings (88)

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We have passed one year of draconian, unconstitutional restrictions on our lives. Freedoms once lost are hard if not impossible to get back. Americans relinquished them due to fear; fear brought on by lies and deceit.

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Wearing a mask all day is not healthy, nor helpful. CO2, which the global elite continue to denounce as “killing the planet,” is suddenly okay for you to inhale all day long in unhealthy levels.

Although needed for trees to create oxygen to breathe, your own exhaust all day can have long-term detrimental health effects. Why not just mandate you breathe out of your car exhaust pipe all day, it would be quicker!  It also begs the question: If a mask protects you, why is it necessary for someone else near you to wear one as well?  If social distancing works, why wear a mask at all?

Hydroxychloroquine was used to eradicate SARS (Corona) in 2005. It has also been approved by the FDA since the 1970s. So, why was it outlawed by the Government in 2020? There are millions to be made by the likes of Bill Gates, and “Big Pharma” in insisting you must be vaccinated.*  “

Vaccinated” with a substance which by the Feds own Law cannot be deemed a “vaccine” as it does not prevent the virus. None of these “vaccines” to my knowledge has been approved by the FDA.  Nor have long term effects had time to materialize as testing was minimal.  The “vaccine” is actually gene therapy, not a vaccine at all.  Not to mention the use of aborted babies in testing and/or production.  Creating and perpetuating the harvesting of aborted baby sales.

Remember when they predicted 2 million Americans were supposed to die?  According to the CDC 564,362 Americans died with “covid,” but they admit only 6% of those died from “covid.”Big difference folks.

In 2021, more Americans have died from “covid vaccines” (2216) than mass shootings (88).* Yet, they want to ban your God-given right to self-defense.

If masks work, why are cases dropping in states that have lifted restrictions? *

Three hundred million healthy people quarantined, all while our “government” imports thousands of sick people illegally.  Then hands them taxpayer cash and sends them to the location of their choice?

How many Americans have lost their hard-earned businesses? Forced onto the public dole? How many families have been separated?  How many elderly/disabled have been deprived of family visits?  How many children deprived of necessary socialization? Forced behind masks, forced to inhale exhaust, programmed to view others with apprehension and fear?

It is time to take back our lives.  Time to take back our Nation, and kick this diabolical, power-grab to the curb. We are a nation now divided: by design.  The indoctrination of America makes many incapable of critical thinking.

It is time for those who can see through this façade, this utter usurpation of our country to say: this ends, it ends today and it ends now.

*Taken from News With Views


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