To Dr. Benjamin Chan, Epidemiologist, N.H.  Dept. Of  Health - Granite Grok

To Dr. Benjamin Chan, Epidemiologist, N.H.  Dept. Of  Health

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Dear Dr. Chan,

I write to you in the hope that you suspend the current state-sponsored vaccination program that you are perpetrating on an unsuspecting public.

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The so-called vaccines that are being administered by the government are wrong, unethical, immoral, and unlawful.  Someone in government is lying to the general public about the death stats and overrun hospitals in New Hampshire.  Hospitals were not overcrowded with covid patients as family members who work in numerous hospitals have confirmed to me.

Why then are we being lied to?

The Federal Drug Administration (FDA) has authorized the use of these drugs under the Emergency use authorization act and they are purely experimental.  If you are not aware of this fact, use of these shots is only to be used if the recipient is fully informed.

Under the Nuremberg code of medical experimentation, it demands that the distributors of the drug must fully inform people that the drug is in fact experimental and they should be advised of the side effects of the drug.

I personally have spoken with several people who have told me that the state DID NOT inform them of this International law. If this is true and I suspect that it is, you and the governor can be charged with war crimes against the people of New Hampshire.

The Governor was sent (by me ) a number of documentaries on the covid virus “plandemic” and the subsequent vaccines that are being administered by the state and he refused to suspend the program.

If the only source of your information is the CDC and Bill Gates (a software engineer), I strongly suggest that you look at the Great Barrington Declaration, the World Doctors Alliance, and America’s Front-line Doctors. Between these organizations, there are in excess of 60,000 Scientists and Doctors sounding the alarm over the vaccines that you are putting in people’s arms.

You can also check out the information that I am enclosing for more supporting documentation.

Page 2 through 13 is a recent study conducted by Stanford University that basically states that masks are ineffective and they can cause dozens of health issues to the wearer of those masks. As a Doctor, how can you possibly ignore the mountain of facts that are available to you if you just search for them?

Ask yourself why the mainstream media has suppressed this information from the people and why do they not allow any opposing information on this matter.  This coming flu season will be a massive disaster if you do not suspend the state-sponsored vaccination program.

I just hope that you do not try to blame an outbreak of covid 19 on the overcrowding of hospitals.  It will be the fault of the virus because people’s immune systems will be suppressed by the “vaccine.”

Also, why didn’t you suspend the program when hundreds of teachers got sick after taking the vaccines? Shortly thereafter, blood clots started to appear in people who were subjected to the Johnson & Johnson vaccine. The vaccines only stopped for 11 days and are now in full swing again.  Shouldn’t you explain to the people of New Hampshire what was wrong with the J & J vaccine? It certainly seems important enough.


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