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More Mask Misery Remains

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Finally, the Governor has lifted his mandatory unconstitutional mask mandate for the citizens of New Hampshire but the damage has been done and, unfortunately, we will see the mask drama continue to play out.

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I’m glad I don’t live in the Peoples Republic of Nashua but standby for other socialist towns and cities to follow Nashua’s lead. Lifting this mandate is not a reason for our Governor to take a victory lap and you have to ask what took so long?

You may recall how with a stroke of a pen the Governor took on powers not granted to him to declare a public health emergency. He instituted a series of decrees that would have made any Soviet Commissar proud, while our legislature stood mute and our economy and freedoms were placed in the closet, citizens placed under virtual house arrest.

Even our freedom to worship was taken away yet we did not resist. Qe did not take a stand to preserve our precious freedoms for ourselves and for future generations. We learned to live in a state of constant panic waiting for the solution we were told which would end the nightmare, namely a vaccine.

New Hampshire went along with the herd and followed the disastrous actions of states like California and New York. We even weaponized the virus as a political weapon.

It takes real leadership and a degree of risk to take a principled stand when all around you are going off the deep end. If only we actually followed the “science.”

You only have to look at the public health “Dashboard” that the state updates daily to see that only a small portion of the New Hampshire public was ever at “risk,” namely the elderly and those in assisted living facilities. Yet, our state government continued with its destructive draconian lockdown for well over a year.

Our public health officials won’t even tell us the definition of a “COVID” death or how many people died of only COVID. To do so would be embarrassing. Instead, we continue to focus on meaningless statistics such as the number of “cases” as if that is the key metric upon which to focus.

The governor missed an opportunity this week when he publicly lifted the mask mandate. This could have been his Ron DeSantis moment but he blew it.

It’s not really about the “mask” at all. It’s about the end of the pandemic and restoration of normalcy. He should have told us that our end state of developing a vaccine has been achieved and that the vaccine is almost 100% effective, and we did this in an amazingly short period of time.

Deaths have dropped to almost zero.

Citizens should now go about their lives and it’s up to them to take any precautions they deem necessary. Furthermore, no other sub government in New Hampshire has the authority to modify or change this latest executive guidance, and that all businesses in New Hampshire will also comply or face penalties.

This is how he acted at the start of the pandemic but now we see these half-hearted measures, all the positive news downplayed.

Uncertainty remains and once you get on this pandemic train its hard to get off.

Never apologize. Adopt the attitude that it is a political weakness for the government to admit that it was a mistake to put citizens through this nightmare.

By the way, my feeling is that the damage to our state and the nation was not really caused by the pandemic itself as bad as it was but rather the “treatment” put in place by our political leadership. Maybe in the future, we should adopt the medical motto of “do no further harm.” But I am afraid that would be asking far too much. The trick is of course to never get on the train to begin with.

So it brings us back to where we are today. I will throw out a dose of reality.

If you think the nightmare is over now that the mask mandate has been lifted you are sadly mistaken. More mask misery remains and we all need to recognize that.

Over the past year, we have educated a whole new group of budding socialists who are only too happy to tell you what to do and when to do it. The mask will be a useful foil.

It’s all about control so get ready for the fact that the majority of citizens have been panicked into wearing the mask-like, forever!

When you left home before you never left home without your iPhone. Now you never leave home without the iPhone and your mask. I would speculate that many people now enjoy the mask and can’t even think of going out in public without the mask even if they have been vaccinated.

How in the hell did we get to this point in our country? By the way, after a year of masks is there any “real science” vs “feel-good science” that definitively tells us that wearing a mask reduced the spread of the virus and by how much?

So what’s going to happen now that our Governor has lifted the mask mandate? The answer is nothing! Ninety percent of the public will still be wearing a mask tomorrow even those who have been vaccinated and those not in the high-risk group.

Various towns and cities will still demand obedience and mandate a mask.

Businesses will follow their corporate policy or “local” laws (Nashua) and also require a mask to be worn inside their establishments.

In the end, nothing has changed because we have been indoctrinated only too well.

The solution to all this is it’s now time for individual citizens to take back control of their lives. The vast majority of New Hampshire citizens especially those who have been vaccinated, should now go about their lives as usual, without a mask.

Force people to tell you to wear a mask and if they do, no longer give them your business. It’s that simple. Take back control one person at a time. We no longer have a pandemic because we have a vaccine. Time for the “Pandemic train” to pull into the station.

“Live Free or Die”