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Hey, NH Executive Council! We Are Here! We Are Here! We Are Here!


This is the call to the “governed” whose rights our NH State Constitution was written to protect. Those elected to represent us seem ignorant of the document they swore to protect and defend when accepting their role in the State government.

Like the Whos down in Whoville (in Horton Hear’s a Who) we are shouting out to you that we are here, in a place where the Law of the Land that our Founders established (our Constitution), includes branches of government, each meant to act as a negative on the others.

The Legislative, Executive, and Judicial.

For New Hampshire’s Founders, the General Court (Legislative) consists of the House and Senate to be a “negative on the other.”

The Judicial until 1966 was created and supplied by the General Court. Under that authority, we governed through the General Court.

New Hampshire’s Founders went even further to ensure that the people had a final check on the Executive through the Executive Council, making the office of Governor the weakest in the nation.

According to Part II, Article 47, the Executive Council and the Governor shall “have a negative on each other [Governor], both in nominations and appointments.”

The Executive Council that is directly elected by the governed (you and me) are in fact the people’s last check on the appointments and enforcement of contracts of substantial substance. In other words, New Hampshire’s Council is to be the “negative on the “ appointments by the Governor.

According to the New Hampshire Constitution (the law of the land), Part 2, Article 62, the duties of the Councilors are to “hold a council, for ordering and directing the affairs of the state, according to the laws of the land.”

The current Executive Council gathered to do their duty in the recent hearing of the nomination of Attorney General Gordon MacDonald to Chief Justice of the NH Supreme Court.

There were numerous testimonies from the people of various alleged infractions believed to be unconstitutional advice, negligent actions, and unlawful behavior by the nominee. One might expect the Council to “take under consideration” these claims, and recess to conduct an investigation into the allegations. They did not.

Instead they immediately “rubber-stamped” approval with the exception of 2nd District Councilor Cinde Warmington.

The Republican Executive Councilors, Joe Kenney, Dave Wheeler, Ted Gatsas, and Janet Stevens appear to owe more allegiance to the Governor than their oath to support the Constitution of New Hampshire and We the People.

Part 2, Article 63 goes on to state “The members of the Council may be impeached by the house and tried by the Senate for bribery, corruption, malpractice or maladministration.

Citizens experienced violations of voting procedures, intimidation by the Attorney General enforcing non-existent laws, or refusal to receive grievances. They took time from their routines or work to inform the Executive Council of these concerns only to have them swept under the rug.

Does this not qualify as maladministration? Where else can they be heard?

Is the appearance of “rubber-stamping” to please the corner office a form of maladministration?

And so the people of New Hampshire cry, “We are here! We are here! We are Here!”


Karen Testerman is the host of the Karen Testerman Show on radio and co-host of the Chic Chattin Hour television show. She is the founder of Cornerstone Policy Research, a former candidate for public office including Governor and a staunch constitutional, liberty loving American. She lives with her husband, Dave, and Bouvier, Dutch in NH.