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The Governor’s Emergency Orders Are Not Law

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Public notice to all public officials including and not limited to the Attorney Generals’ office or law enforcement agency. If you attempt to enforce the Governors guidance as law, you will be subject to criminal prosecution as the Governor’s emergency orders are not law.

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The legislature has not assembled to consider any such laws.  All public officials are to take notice and conduct themselves accordingly.

TITLE LXII CRIMINAL CODE CHAPTER 638 FRAUD Forgery and Fraudulent Practices Generally Section 638:14 Unlawful Simulation of Legal Process. – A person is guilty of a misdemeanor who, with a purpose to procure the compliance of another with a request made by such person, knowingly sends, mails or delivers to such person a notice or other writing which has no judicial or other sanction, but which in its format or appearance simulates a summons, complaint, court order or process, including, but not limited to, lien, indictment, warrant, injunction, writ, notice, pleading, subpoena, or order, or an insignia, seal or printed form of a federal, state or local government or an instrumentality thereof, or is otherwise calculated to induce a belief that it does have a judicial or other official sanction. Source. 1971, 518:1. 2003, 168:2, eff. Jan. 1, 2004.


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