I Write to Share With You a Joy That I Experience as an American. - Granite Grok

I Write to Share With You a Joy That I Experience as an American.

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God bless you, patriotic Americans!  If you have read more than one of my letters over the past several months you have heard me sounding the alarm to protect our God-given unalienable Rights and our Constitutional Republic.

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On several occasions I have painted a bleak picture, not to dispirit you, but to feed the fire of freedom within you, your soul.

Now I write to share with you a joy that I experience as an American – as a soul-citizen of the greatest Republic this world has ever seen.  Despite my uncommon name, which is the result of a deeply meaningful religious conversion, the spirit of 1776 runs through my blood.  It runs through our blood!

Like many of you, my ancestors toiled as colonists and fought and defeated the greatest empire at the time, England.  Like many of you, some of my family were once immigrants, in my case from Wales, who came here because this Nation promised a worldly freedom that prepares us for the divine freedom in store for each of us who love and serve God, Family, State, and Country!

Do you feel it?  The spirit of divine freedom is palpable.  Every breath we take, God is flooding us with his joy and vigor, and a love for the greatness of our United States, which I believe was last felt in 1776.

God loves us each and all so much, and he wants us to be happy and free!  So, my prayer for you, my fellow soul-citizens, is to rise in peace and freedom and declare the greatness of our free people and free markets.  Our free Nation, our free States, and our free elections!  It is our birthright.

Live this moment as an ecstatic dance of freedom and joy, such that it is indelibly placed in the hearts and minds of our children, reassuring them of their freedom, and passed on through the ages!  When our journeys here have ended, our children will remember the peaceful wild freedom that we live. Dream, you are free.  Start a business, you are free.  Work at what you love, you are free.  Vote, you are free.  Run for office, you are free.  Write a letter, you are free.  Go outside, you are free.  Be unabashedly happy, you are free.  As a fellow soul-citizen, where ever you are, whoever you are, my prayer for you is that you are filled with the joyful soul fire that has made the United State the greatest Republic this world has ever known!

In peace and freedom, remove the mask of slavery, and proclaim yourself healthy, happy, and whole!  Let your smile be a divine smile, that knows the joy of peace and freedom.  Let every free breath you take, be a prayer of gratitude to the glory of God who has blessed us each and all with unique beautiful healthy bodies, and a ferocious love for liberty!