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Become a Constitutional Citizen of N.H

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The New Hampshire government needs to be taken back by the people, and the starting point is to take back our ‘status,’ which has been covertly stolen from you.

Most of the people (the electorate) in New Hampshire are realizing that they are being called, or illegally styled as “residents,” but as far as our Constitution is concerned we should be known as “inhabitants.” This makes a big difference and is of great importance. As a U.S. citizen, you have U.S. Constitutional rights, but as you know there would be no USA if there were no States that went along with a union of our States.

This means that in the correct order of powers, firstly You, and then your local, county, and then your state government. And then these 50 states are the power, and the Federal Government is last and least powerful!

Here is the scenario: You have no Constitutional powers in this State if you are not known as a Citizen of the State of New Hampshire, because of what is called “the separation of powers.”

Furthermore, the word or term “resident” is found once in our New Hampshire Constitution, and the words ‘non-resident’ twice, but the word “inhabitant” appears thirty-three times.

This point is significant because the New Hampshire Constitution was constructed with that meaning, “Inhabitant,” and no other. (See definition, Part II, Article 30, NH Constitution)

This means that once you become a Citizen of this State, you are viewed under very different terms by the powers that are currently in existence, and you are thence empowered. The New Hampshire Constitution will truly be yours to uphold and enforce. But this will not happen until you swear an oath to, and become a Citizen of this State.

In order to become a constitutional Citizen of N.H., there are a couple of easy steps to take: We are meeting on the steps of the State House in Concord @ 9:45 a.m. on this Saturday, October 24, 2020.

There may be in attendance a couple of speakers to answer any questions you may have. Please come a bit early so that the event may begin at 10 a.m., and you must have a few items with you;

  1. Two (2) forms of proof that you have been living in N.H. for 6 months or more, dated, postmarked, or otherwise;
  2. Please email me for a PDF of (The Oath of allegiance to the State of NH form.) at I will send you this document. (The deadline for emailing me is 9:00 p.m. on Friday night, Oct 23rd.) (Please do print and bring a few extra of the attached and printed forms, in case of mistake, or in the case of others that will attend, but may not be able to print, or have copies.)
  3. Bring with you a blue ink pen to sign your forms therewith.

The Justice[s] of the Peace attending charge[s] ten (10) dollars per signature, so each person wishing to be sworn in will need to bring 10 dollars.

***Please check out the NH events page for more info***

Let us make history in New Hampshire this coming Saturday, the 24th of October.

The weather is supposed to be sunny and good.

Let us pray that there are a very large amount of people in attendance, as the importance of this …is of the highest priority, and that priority is… so that you may own and exercise your true Constitutional rights and powers.

Also, to be perfectly clear, this is not a partisan issue, it includes ALL people that have been unlawfully disenfranchised in our State… (and we all have) in other words, the total electorate, or namely, ALL of the People of New Hampshire must and should become Citizens of the State of New Hampshire to re-possess your rightful powers and authority.

Please pass this info to everybody of Voting Age in New Hampshire that you know. To take our Original Constitutional form of governance back, we hope to see you there.