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We Need Help to Spread this Story – Not Guilty on All Charges

NH vs Delfuco

The State of NH had testimony from two judges, an AG’s office investigator, two prosecutors, they even had a guy from Homeland Security. On the other side is the defendant, me, a single mom taking on the state pro se, suffering from pneumonia (at the time), after leaving the hospital from surgery for stage one cancer.

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I am fighting to tell the truth about how a bank was covering up their part. And about two judges who had to answer for their actions and an attorney general investigator who had to admit that he used secret sealed search warrants to spy on my FB and phone lines.

I was charged with four counts of criminal threatening, found not guilty on all four.

The trial is about a single mom who had to start over after her husband left her alone to raise two young toddlers. I later gave my ex-husband a loan against my home (he was the father of my children) that started a downward-spiral of bank corruption, lies in court, unlawful procedure, and cover-ups. And now I (Janet Delfuoco) have a federal lawsuit against the state of New Hampshire for malicious prosecution and breaking the law.

Google my name. Go to my FB page to see a documentary of the trial (also embedded below). See all the interviews.

Isn’t it time we stood up and took back our country?

I’m looking for help to tell the story. Janet Delfuoco 603-608-8391