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Why transparency in Concord is critical now!

Cornerstone on conscience rights

I needed to drop you a quick note to alert you to the crisis the impending New Hampshire legislature could create for Christians. Right now, our majority leaders in Concord are using the confusion of the COVID crisis to trample on all due process in their advancement of new bills.

With time lost to the suspension of legislative business under COVID-19-related measures, New Hampshire lawmakers from the majority party have decided that rolling multiple bills into one will move their platform forward by neatly circumventing our transparent deliberative legislative process. 

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This bill bundling is unprecedented and prevents legislators and the public from giving each individual bill the scrutiny it deserves. And, this is just one of the questionable tactics currently being employed. This is not how we do things in New Hampshire.

When legislation affects the composition of the family and our individual liberties, scrutiny is especially important. Cornerstone was the first to sound the alarm on these murky tactics and demand on the behalf of  the people of New Hampshire that our legislature gives each bill the due process it deserves. Bill Bundling is bad policy and sets a dangerous precedent. We will continue to speak out and hold the legislature accountable for protecting your rights. But we need your help.

At this point every year, we should be wrapping up our legislative session, but here we are, redoubling our efforts and engaging in important legislative battles.  No one could have foreseen these extraordinary circumstances, but we are doing the best we can as the only organization of our kind in the state. Unfortunately, all our advocacy work in this legislative session is quickly depleting our limited resources. As the Senate passes bundled bills, we must quickly alert House members of the problems with such legislation and share that same message with the Governor.