"Ours to Preserve" - Granite Grok

“Ours to Preserve”

Protect Preserve

They are trying their best to start a fight. We have Mayors, Governors, Senators, and House Members bowing their knees to these Criminals. I won’t. Unlawfully destroying PUBLIC PROPERTY is a felony! Targeting our Founders’, and particularly Military heroes’ monuments, is more than a dare.

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Targeting our police is declaring war on all of us. Targeting cartoon police dogs (Paw Patrol’s Chase) shows their insanity.

I commend the patience of our patriotic Brothers-In-Arms; the Militias.

“Sir, what is the Militia?”

Answer: “It is all the People, except a few public officials.”

And not to forget: “Being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the People to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.” It is about protecting each other. These simple truths are being denied by those entrusted to teach our children and many who took the oath to “preserve, protect and defend…”.

Has anyone else noticed the repetitiously recent omission of the first word; PRESERVE?!

Fear has overtaken our nation. First came the lies about our election being stolen, then the exposing of our most trusted “cops” (FBI, etc.) being used as political pawns pushing yet another lie about Ukraine, then the lies about a virus (possibly created here).

These RIOTS are not an exercise of First Amendment-Protected rights and aren’t about Civil Rights. This is something more.

How is it that related riots are happening in other countries over this? Seriously? Why are they being tolerated? Is this the face of “Black Americans?” Is this the face of ANY American? Not this one.

Even the Police don’t seem to know what to do, with their leaders politicizing and pandering.  I would be inclined to call in sick. They should all call out sick for a week and see how they like it with no police.

This is a time for ALL Americans to stand up and say; “This isn’t what we want!”. Anarchy is bad for everyone, just like Communism and Socialism are. It is up to us, White, Black, and whatever else you want to label or identify yourself as, but as Americans, we need to take our country back from anarchy and racialism/tribalism in all its ugly forms.

Prejudice is clearly defined in the Dictionary and is clearly being exhibited in the streets and in government by those who claim to oppose it.

If we do not defend each other’s homes and lose our national identity as a place of equal protection under the law without prejudice, offering freedom and justice for all, then our children will rightfully hate us. We must DEFEND our police, the Constitution, and the Rule of Law. They are all ours to Preserve, Protect, and Defend, but they are not our’s to relinquish, sell, or surrender. The police defend us. DEFEND our Police!