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“Old, Sick and Frail into the Lifeboats first”


Most of us have seen the movie “Titanic.” The story starts off with a beautiful new ship, off on its maiden voyage, with everyone in a grand state of revelry.  All is elegant and wonderful until the ship hits the iceberg.  At that point, all the women and children are loaded into the lifeboats, and the band plays on as the ship lists and sinks to the bottom of the ocean.

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Well, a couple of months ago, the USS New Hampshire was out on a cruise and hit a big iceberg named COVID-19.   But instead of loading all the women and children into the lifeboats, our “Honorable” Governor Sununu loaded all the old, sick and frail into the lifeboats, and let the women, children and the healthy fend for themselves in the icy waters of the North Atlantic (off the Isle of Shoals perhaps?)

What kind of “leadership” do you call that?  Well, at best, it is called leadership based upon very poor judgment combined with an incomprehensible evolutionary strategy.  At worst, it is leadership based upon craven electoral politics.

This graphic comes from the CDC

As you can see, there were,

  • ZERO deaths reported under the age of 64.
  • 16 Males between the age of 65-74.
  • 21 Females, and 39 Males between the age of 75-84.
  • 45 Females and 40 Males over the age of 85.
  • The median age of death is 82.

Governor Sununu promised that this would all just be “short term” so that we could “bend down the curve” based upon totally fallacious and overinflated epidemiological forecasts predicting massive deaths overwhelming our health care system.  None of this ever came to be.  Yet the lockdowns keep getting extended (June 15th at least!) without any type of cogent explanation.

We are now finding out from Stanford Professor and Nobel Lauriat Michael Leavitt as well as a report by economists at JP Morgan-Chase that “Lockdowns likely caused more deaths than they saved,” when you include, on the other side of the death ledger, those from suicide, alcohol and drug overdoses, and the many who will have died because they were not treated for (or, were afraid to seek treatment for) other life-threatening conditions (cancer surgery, organ transplants, blood pressure issues, heart problems, etc.)

To these enumerable deaths, we need to add many more “less countable and more nebulous” avoidable deaths that will surely occur over the next number of months because people have not been able to get timely physicals and checkups, mammograms, colonoscopies, mental health sessions, etc.

Of course, even adding these two categories of deaths together, we still need to reconcile all of the “social damage” that has been caused by “His Excellency’s” lockdowns, which are almost too numerous to fathom (domestic abuse, divorces, drug and alcoholism relapses, mental illness episodes, the retardation in learning caused to every child in the State due to the school closings and, of course, the misery and despair caused by the destruction of tens of thousands of livelihoods’ across the State.

Although we acknowledge that all lives are precious, and the slightly premature deaths of 168 seniors is regrettable, can any of this hysteria and craziness caused by the Governor’s lockdowns be really necessary for a state where the mortality rate is just .012%?  Of course not.

But it is obvious that the Governor feels that it WAS NECESSARY for him to win re-election on November 3, 2020…  So “be dammed” to the best interests of the State, I am afraid re-election is our Governor’s ONLY priority.   GOD HELP US!