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No Labels is Back in Manchester – Moving Overton’s Window to the left since 2010

No Labels - NoLabels

Every ruling class suffers from a common problem – voters who don’t vote for them. To address this, Democrats like New Hampshire’s Ray Buckley (a DNC vice-chair) tells undeclared voters they are racists for talking to Republicans. And then there’s NoLabels.

NoLabels. Moving Overton’s Window to the left since 2010. If you don’t believe me, New Hampshire Democrat US Sen. Maggie Hassan is a founding member and supporter. As an unemployed former state Senator, she went to the very moderate New York City to celebrate the group’s inaugural event.

Nine years later, is she more or less moderate than in 2010? A lot less.

Point, Steve!

NoLabels pretends to be the go-to destination for people tired of the division and hard-scrabble, street-fighting politics of alt’s, left and right. The baby bear of ideological porridges. A narrative it sells annually at its problem solver convention.

This annual exercise in near-left recruitment tells of how we can all come together to solve problems. But in nearly ten years of “problem-solving,” we are told that the electorate is more divided than ever. Is it because the solution to everything that ails us (even form NoLabels) is never less government and always more?

Point, Steve!

NoLabels still says it is a group looking for results, not polarization.

About 1,500 citizens will attend Sunday’s “Problem Solver Convention” in New Hampshire, home to the nation’s first presidential primaries. That’s a good crowd for a small state, but there’s something else that makes this gathering notable: the attendees are people who tend to focus less on political personalities than on government results.

I happen to think Mr. Trump (voted the most divisive president ever?) has solved a lot of problems. And if Democrats would reach across the aisle in his direction, he could solve a few more. But therein lay the issue. There are few examples where the left leans toward the right unless it is to box their ear. All the aisle crossing is from right to left. The problems, more often than not created by the government, can only be “solved” with more government.

I’m not going to the problem solver convention. I have to rearrange my sock drawer. But I’d bet Bernie Sander’s money that the question of too much government and its obsession with making every corner of our lives political (the only real issue we have) will not be addressed or solved.

But that is the biggest problem. The less the federal government does, the less our lives are political out of necessity. The less division over details on a national level devolved to the states and the people who will work out what works for them – solving the same problem hundreds of different ways. Some left, some right, some middle. But always within their easy grasp when the local winds change.

When that becomes the primary plank of the NoLabels movement and the first best solution to every problem that needs solving I’ll pay more attention. Until then, we’ll label them as we always have. Water-carriers for the progressive expansion of central planners in distant capitals solving the problem of how to keep the locals from interfering with their “solutions” to what ails them.