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Edelblut, Cline Statements on Vote to Delay Learn Everywhere – Status Quo isn’t working for many NH students

Education Commissioner Frank Edelblut issued the following statement in response to the Joint Legislative Committee on Administrative Rules (JLCAR) voting along party lines to object to Learn Everywhere, stalling the innovative program that the Legislature last year directed the Department of Education to establish:

I am disappointed State House politics are stalling innovation in New Hampshire education. Learn Everywhere would empower parents and students to build a better education by accessing innovative courses outside of the classroom. These courses would go through a rigorous approval process by the State Board of Education.

Programs like Learn Everywhere provide opportunities that help all students, but are particularly crucial in giving disadvantaged students a path to succeed in their education and work towards bright futures. We have addressed every objection raised by members of the Rules Committee, but they have steadfastly opposed every effort to create new options for New Hampshire students. Today’s vote will delay implementation of Learn Everywhere until the Legislature considers a Joint Resolution. As Gov. Sununu remains a strong supporter of Learn Everywhere, today’s vote will only delay the program.

Improving education in New Hampshire should not be a political football. I remain committed to supporting Learn Everywhere and having the rules administrating the program go into effect as soon as possible.

Andrew Cline, Chair of the State Board of Education added:

It’s disheartening to see legislators oppose carefully crafted rules that would create an effective and meaningful program to expand learning opportunities to all New Hampshire students.


This is Skip – I just couldn’t help myself in that I had to add on to this Op-Ed.

I agree – this is the spawned Status Quo of the German Industrial Education model protecting itself.  It is a direct result of the growing Charter School movement, the online choices, and the rise of the HomeSchooling environment.  I am betting that there are some within that complex that realize that its model can’t do the right thing by all students but have become enthralled with the power and money it now wields. Thus, it and its surrogates refuse to give an inch even though Parents are now showing their lack of trust in the current system.

It seems that they are not minding they are being viewed as this century’s equivalent of last century’s buggy whip manufacturers with one and ONLY one difference – the buggy whip makers never had Ginormous Government subsidies to sustain them.