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Make NH Great – Vote Corey!

Corey Lewandowski

Recent polling in the New Hampshire US Senate race shows Corey Lewandowski leading the republican primary, causing a serious episode of heartburn for the Republican party establishment. It wasn’t long ago that former senator Judd Gregg referred to Lewandowski as a thug.

Of course, Gregg’s actions over a lifetime in Granite state politics were always as pure as snow falling in the White Mountains.

I fought Gregg politically either directly or through his surrogates a number of times when I was a member of Pat Buchanan’s campaign for President in 1992.

Gregg’s actions were anything but pure.

Gregg played to win which was always easier for him since he controlled the party apparatus, beginning with George H. W. Bush’s ascendancy to the White House in 1988.  Everybody in New Hampshire knew the pecking order, including the Sununu’s, who had to play backup to the Bush – Gregg marriage.

Gregg is responsible more than anyone else for the sad state of the Congressional delegation, which no surprise, is all Democrat.

He made the disastrous decision to crown Kelly Ayotte as his designated successor is 2010 when he should have stayed out of the race and let the process decide.  She is one of the single worst republican elected officials of the last 40 years and couldn’t perform the most basic task of constituent relations much less figure out the political environment.

Chris Sununu won in 2016 when she lost because unlike Sununu, she refused to embrace the Trump candidacy.  It’s all clear now since we learned that her Senate mentor, John McCain, was a Never Trumper and leaker of false information about the President.

Ayotte should not have been listening to McCain and Gregg and followed Sununu’s lead.

Corey Lewandowski is exactly what the republican party in New Hampshire needs.

Lewandowski is a disruptor just like his former boss, President Trump.

He will take on the swamp, which Gregg, Tom Rath, and the Republican establishment are neck-deep in.

Lewandowski will be a fearless campaigner who will take on Shaheen for opposing President Trump every step of the way such as on the tax cuts, his attempt to stop illegal immigration and the Kavanaugh nomination.

He will call her on the mat for her use of identity politics to divide the country, which is the modus operandi for the democrat party.

Lewandowski will make her explain herself for casting the deciding vote for Obamacare, her opposition to the Second Amendment and why she has a 100% raiding from the Council on American Islamic Relations, which has ties to terrorist organizations.

Lewandowski’s presence on the ballot will also help the party in the election.  Trump-Sununu-Lewandowski would be a powerful ticket that could dominate the narrative and send Jeanne Shaheen home.

Paul Nagy lives in New Hampshire and has been involved in Conservative political issues for over 25 years.  Northeast Campaign Director for Pat Buchanan for President 1992; Northeast Regional Director for the National Christian Coalition; Founder and Chairman of Americans for Secure Borders, as well as campaign management for national and statewide Conservative candidates. He has been published by many online and print organizations.

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