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Let’s Bring Common Sense to Penacook and Concord


Penacook has been overlooked, and as a Marine and a father with a child in the school system, I hope to change that.

I have heard that many residents would like a grocery store. One of my top priorities is to streamline the process to help ensure this happens.

We can’t allow another good deal to fall apart.

Secondly, I believe that Penacook Residents are being overtaxed. It is getting more difficult for the current population to live here, which is why many have left. Instead of focusing priorities to Concord’s Main Street, I will fight for prioritization the needs of Penacook.

This is why I have decided to run for City Council! It’s time to elect an individual to fight for Penacook as I have for this Country!

I will be knocking on doors soon; I hope to hear from the community on how to improve our town.

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