She Won’t Answer Constiuents Then Demands the Budget Committee Explain Their No Votes on Her School Budget? - Granite Grok

She Won’t Answer Constiuents Then Demands the Budget Committee Explain Their No Votes on Her School Budget?

Gilford BudComm 2022-01-06 School Board Chair and Liason Gretchen Gandini - Copy

Gilford School Board Chair Gretchen Gandini demonstrates some chutzpah and hypocrisy: while refusing to answer her constituents, she DEMANDS that the Budget Committee explains the “NO” votes on her budget.

Two Budget Committee members voted down her School Budget for the upcoming fiscal year and she’s miffed. But she has a documented history of NOT answering questions posed by her constituents while at School Board meetings.

She oft takes the default position similar to that of the Easter Island stone-faced Moa statues. That is to say, just look forward, lips pursed, complete silence (except when she does an eye roll or shows a cringe), and never answers the question.

I’m suing the Gilford School Board because Chair Gretchen Gandini refused to answer my questions, for well over a year, over the Gilford School Board Policy JBAB (Transgender and non-conforming). Specifically, where has the Board been given the Power by the NH Legislature to:


  • Coerce the speech of others in demanding that “Government Speech” over the demand to use a student’s “preferred pronouns” and totally invalidate Free Speech
  • Demand that the Gilford School District staff lie (by omission/commission) to Parents over the transgender status of their child while on school grounds


I got a tip from “Theonis” that Gretchen Gandini made it QUITE clear that she wanted answers and wanted them NOW at last Thursday night’s meeting as they were going over the warrant articles to see how the Budget Committee would vote for them.


Sidenote: the voters, when they see the ballots in our SB2 town, each warrant article put forward by either the town or the school that expends money, will have the votes of the Selectmen / School Board + those of the Budget Committee members.  No votes are certainly noticed by the voters, thus getting the buy in from all of the BudComm members is a big deal.


She berated one of the BudComm members as to why he had voted “No” (his response was that his questions about some of the revenues were never answered).

Then she turned her ire on the Selectmen liaison stand-in for the night as the normal Selectman couldn’t attend that evening.  He ALSO voted no and she wanted “why that answer!” and she wanted it NOW



Bonus: she definitely (along with Kristen Snow, BudComm member) proved the Right’s stereotype that Democrats/Leftists have no sense of humor.

As she was interrogating him, it was clear that she expected that he would have abstained instead of saying no as he hadn’t been there during the SB budget process. When he cracked what I thought was a rather witty quip about the situation (“Kevin planned it that way“), everyone laughed – with the exception of Kristin Snow who retorted “I don’t think that’s funny.”  Gretchen agreed as if it was personally aimed at her (well, it really was but being humorless in the situation, she got bent out of shape by a harmless joke).

Everyone was laughing but then Kristin Snow had to pull a Gretchen and agreed it wasn’t funny.

His reasoning for “No” is that’s his default stance on anything he doesn’t know the details on (he’s an engineer). He even offered to stay until midnight to learn enough to vote the other way but did say that he’d be asking a lot of questions along the way. And he would have as well.

Seems like they didn’t even hear him given the lack of reaction from the two ladies.

Frankly, with both of them being males, I was wondering if either of those ladies was going to use the “M” word on them – “misogynist.” Both were bullying the guys to get them to change their votes. The Selectman liaison actually did – in watching the video, he should have told HER “no, I’m not changing my “No” vote) instead of switching to abstaining.

The hypocrisy was amazing – she wanted THEM to be accountable to HER as they were “damaging” her budget with their No votes. And she wanted them to cough up their reasons in toto. Yet, when the situation is flipped, when SHE is asked questions at School Board meetings, she decides to transform into a mime (without the movement).

And neither Gretchen nor Kristen have much of a sense of humor to boot.