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Promise Made, Promise Broken

Below zero thermometer thermometer (-27 celsius) by Martin Lopatka OpenVerse is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0 11967844505_b55e86bb32_b

At 11:10  pm this past Tuesday evening, the thermometer on my back deck read 15 degrees F below zero. For anyone not aware, that’s 47 degrees below freezing. So where is all this global warming we were promised some twenty years ago?

Promises, promises and most of us senior citizens are pushing up the thermostats trying to stay something like warm, and wondering just what those folks promoting global warming are doing tonight? Unless they have caught flights to Florida, I would expect they too  have their heating systems running on high?

Just a couple weeks ago, thousands of motorists were stranded on the Interstate in Virginia. Kind of reminds me of the blizzard of 78 where hundreds were stranded on the Mass Pike and Routes 128 and 495. Nowhere near the snow levels of that Blizzard but the subfreezing temps were and this was Virginia for crying out loud.

I also read the California mountains are getting record snowfalls this winter so far (per the Berkley Observatory.) For those still obsessed with the “global warming theory,” I suggest you take the advice of “follow the science.”

Tomorrow, though, I expect it will be back to climate control rhetoric with “The end of the world is coming!” if we do not act to freeze half our elderly population to death.  I am still waiting for some activist to show us which coastal cities are currently flooded or in immediate danger of flooding?

Yeah, and topping off my heating fuel last week cost me over $500. Thanks to our brilliant Chief Executive, Joe Biden, who listens to the failed policies being pushed by radical leftists. If the end of the world comes, it will be because of Leftist politics and their phony science.

Switching gears now, American Legion Post #1 in Laconia will be holding a ice fishing derby for kids in February. All the details have not been worked out as of yet but I’ll be updating the details as they get settled. You will also find updates in our local paper, The Daily Sun. Keep watch for updates on this.